Reduce the risk of swelling

  • Kold Wrap’s new re-usable bandages offers continual cold compression to help reduce swellings

    Whether your horse has a mild sprain or a serious strain, JM Healthcare’s Kold Wrap could aid his recovery.

    Every equine first aid should be include cold compresses as the application of cold treatment has been scientifically proven to reduce swelling and encourage healing.

    These easy-to-use Kold Wraps remains cold for up to six hours.

    Re-usable, they are self-adhering so requires no taping or external closures. Contoured to fit all parts of the body, they can effectively treats large or small areas.

    No pre cooling is required and although the temperature is cool, it is not uncomfortably cold so sensitive horses should be able to tolerate it.

    The Kold Wraps measure 6ft b 3ins and are available direct from J.M. Healthcare.

    Cost at around £13 per bandage.

    For more information contact J.M. Healthcare (tel: 01484 687136)

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