Quality competition bridles

  • Smart bridles that are suitable for everyday use and ideal for competitions

    Riders that are looking to invest in a quality new bridle, should consider Equiport’s extensive range.

    The company’s “mix and match” system allows you to combine your prefered rein style with your choice of bridle.

    The Australian nut bridle features a raised Mexican grakle noseband, raised browband and clip cheeks. The rein options include rubber,continental billeted and webbing with a choice of pull through, buckle, billeted or clip rein attachments.

    The Australian nut bridle is available in black, havanna or Australian nut and comes in cob or full sizes.

    Cost at around £145.

    Equiport also has an extensive range of bridle accessories and leatherwork, as well as rugs, numnahs, saddles, boots, rider clothing and dog accessories. All are available either by mail order, via the website or in person.

    Contact Equiport (tel: 01606 889292) or visit www.equiport.co.uk

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