Pup dealer branded “Cruella De Vil”

A woman branded “Cruella De Vil” because of the way she treated her dogs, has been stopped from dealing with puppies by the Scottish Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) inspectors in Ayrshire.

Christine Sullivan, who lives in a caravan near Prestwick airport in Ayrshire, allegedly brought puppies back from Ireland in the boot of her car or horsebox.

SSPCA Inspectors raided her property after a puppy she sold for £60 died within days of being bought.

Susan Berry, 23, from Hamilton, bought a Collie puppy from Christine and was devastated when it died just five days later, having run up a vet’s bill of more than £200.

“Who is going to refuse a puppy even if you think there might be something wrong?” Susan told icscotland.co.uk.”The vet said our pup had no chance because it had a gastric condition.

“I was heartbroken. I want to make sure others don’t buy from this woman. She makes Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians look like Mother Theresa.”

A spokesperson from the SSPCA said: “No charges are being brought against Mrs Sullivan as our inspectors could not gather enough evidence for a prosecution. The vets could not prove that she sold the puppies knowing they were ill.

“Mrs Sullivan has agreed to stop operating as a puppy dealer but we will be keeping a very close eye on her in the future.”

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