Product test: Stable boots

  • We test Mountain Horse’s stable boots on the yard and on horseback

    Mountain Horse stable boots

    These “robust” stable boots have a patented “stirrup control system” to help prevent the stirrup sliding back when riding. The uppers are designed to allow maximum flexibility to the rider while in the saddle.

    The boots have a sturdy sole with a 11/4ins heel and a steel shank embedded into the arch of the foot for support.

    They have a padded cotton flannel lining and a removable insole with air pockets. Both features are designed to give the wearer “cool” comfort during stable work.

    Cost at around £65.

    Tester comments

    “You only have to take one look at these boots to know they are going to last a very long time,” says Caroline Tomalin. “Sturdy and strong, they certainly are.

    The lining – which is a colourful red and green tartan – just peeps out at the top so they are also quite stylish.

    My feet felt very warm and comfortable in them, even on very wet cold days and when walking through deep mud, while the lace-ups allow you to wear extra socks if you need to.

    I also found that, my feet stayedin a very secure position with the heels down when riding, as the manufacturers say.

    There is, though, some restriction round the ankles while walking and riding so, for the moment at least, I wouldn’t want to use them for long sessions in theschool doing work which requires a lot of “feel”. It may be that they need a long time to break in.

    Also, there is some comfort in the thought that the bones in the ankle would be protected in an accident, either mounted or on the ground.

    I found the boots very easy to clean, even when covered in mud. All you need is a damp cloth or soft brush to wipe off the water-repellent uppers. The manufacturers advise you to reproof the boots after continuous usage.”

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