Product test: Shires De-luxe Haybag

  • The Shires De-luxe Haybag

    A labour-saving design to help eliminate waste and mess making it ideal for travelling.

    Robust and easy to fill, hay is neatly contained and a small gauge net on the front section makes for restrictive feeding, keeping horses entertained for longer.

    Seed head is contained in the bottom of the bag, which also aids dust control.

    Also ideal for laminitic horses on restricted diets because of the increased consumption time.Cost at around £7.95.

    For more information contact Shires (tel: 01568 613600

    Tester’s comments

    “Having tried out a number of different small gauge nets for travelling over the years, I can honestly say that these haybags are by far the best.

    “Although lightweight, it is manufactured from tough blue canvas, and allowed for at least three fat sections of hay but could easily accommodate more if needed.

    “Once securedin the lorry, a small net ‘window’ allows the horse to pick strands of hay rather than large mouthfuls, which means less waste and less on the floor to clear up afterwards – a real bonus at the end of a long day!

    “Our horses also seemed to have fun working out ways in which to prize the maximum amount of hay from the net and their usual two sections lasted three times as long as when served up in a conventional haynet.

    “At just £7.95, the haybags are definitely well worth investing in.”

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