Product test: Seasonal two-in-one shampoo

  • HHO puts Barrier Animal Healthcare’s anti bacterial shampoo and conditioner to the test

    This gentle, anti-bacterial two-in-one shampoo contains ingredients to clean away bacteriaand fungi and ensure that the coat is left flat and not fluffy.

    Manufactured without detergent or artificial thickeners, it contains coconut for gentle but thorough cleansing, together with wheatgerm for deep conditioning.

    It also includes a natural fly repellent.

    Available in 5 litre and 500ml bottles.

    Cost at around £5.30 (500ml bottle) and £40 (5 litre bottle.

    For more information contact Barrier Animal Healthcare (tel: 01953 456363) or visit their website www.barrier-biotech.com

    Tester’s comments

    I have used two-in-one shampoos before and they give a lovely shine to the coat, but can make the mane and tail very slippery which is not ideal for plaiting. I normally use a separate shampoo for the mane.

    After a winter of neck covers and mud Trooper’s mane was really grimy. I didn’t have time to use a separate shampoo so I used this two-in-one on his mane and body.

    It smelt great without being overpowering and lathered nicely. It rinsed clean and didn’t leave a frothy residue like some other shampoos I have tried.

    Trooper dried with a wonderful shine to his coat, while his mane and tail were smooth and flat without being slippery. I was easily able to plait his mane and even managed to tidy up a few loose hairs on his tail.

    In order to get his white socks clean, I had to do a fair amount of scrubbing so in future I will use a whitening shampoo on these parts.

    Several people complimented me on his coat and how shiny he looked. He certainly looked better for having a bath and even several days later his coat still looks good.

    Verdict: Excellent value for money and definitely one for the show season.

    Read more about keeping coat condition:

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