Product test: Quick Bath wipes

  • HHO tests Westgate’s new easy-to-use grooming wipes

    Extra thick Quick Bath wipes are impregnated with a “unique” cleansing solution, as well as aloe vera and vitamins A and E.

    These wipes can be used to remove sweat marks, stable stains and dirt. Gentle and soothing, they are also suitable for cleaning minor cuts and scrapes, as well as delicate areas around the eyes, nose and mouth.

    Quick Bath wipes are a handy addition to any grooming box for last minute touch-ups at home or at competitions.

    Each pack is re-sealable and contains 10 wipes.

    Cost at around £8.

    For more information contact Westgate (tel: 01303 872277) or click here to visit www.wgate.co.uk

    Tester’s comments

    Tester Emma Thomas says: “I was initially rather sceptical about a product which I considered to be an overgrown babywipe. However, I take back everything I said – they are quite simply brilliant. They smell wonderful and remove all traces of dust, grease and hair.

    “I was shocked at just how much dirt is trapped on the wipe, especially as both my horses are groomed everyday.

    “Gentle enough to use around the eyes and nose, they leave your horse’s coat clean with a wonderful shine. Unlike some silicone based coat sprays these wipes don’t leave a slippery residue.

    “My only concern is the packaging, it doesn’t always re-seal, so in really hot weather the wipes might dry out. Transferring them to a sealed box is a better way of keeping them moist and clean.

    “Generously sized, one wipe isbig enough to do the whole of 17.1hh gelding. One pack contains 10 wipes and costs £8, although they are probably too expensive to use everyday, no grooming box should be without them.”

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