Product test: N.E.W. competition boots

  • HHO puts New Equine Wear’s leather competition boots to the test

    New Equine Wear’s leather competition boots have a tough, waterproofed leather outer shell with an orthopedic foam lining to prevent rubbing.

    The boots, which are available in front and hind styles, are secured with Velcro straps and are machine-washable at 40 degrees.

    Designed to provide a high level of protection and comfort during cross-country competitions, including hunting and eventing, the boots are available in small, medium and large sizes.

    Cost at around £55 for front boots and £58 for hind boots.

    For more information visit www.newequinewear.co.uk or call (tel: 07000 639266).

    Tester’s comments

    Fed up with having to buy a new set of boots at the end of every hunting season, I decided it was time to try a new brand. I chose New Equine Wear’s competition boots as they looked hard-wearing and protective, which is important as my five-year-old has a tendency to strike into herself.

    Be it through good fortune, very effective boots or a combination of both, my horse not only stayed sound, but completely ‘nick-free’ throughout our hunting season.

    They molded to the leg well without any rubbing or irritation, which is impressive as my horse has sensitive pink skin.

    Another bonus is that they are machine-washable, so washing them could hardly have been easier. After a season’s hunting, they are now sitting in the cupboard relatively unscathed, ready for next season.

    I would highly recommend them for all active sports, and at around £55, I think they are good value for money.

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