Product test: Lucinda Green event helmet

  • HHO puts the new LPC-100 helmet from Lucinda Green Clothing on test

    This hat has been designed by top event rider Lucinda Green to encourage higher safety standards.

    It resembles an open-faced motorcycle helmet and covers much more of the rider’s head than standard hats.

    The hat has passed tough performance requirements and rigorous testing to meet the US E2001, which is the highest equestrian safety standard in the world.

    Available in sizes small, medium and large.

    Cost at around £100.

    For more information contact Zebra Products (tel: 01695 550357)

    Tester’s Comments

    Event rider and working hunter competitor Theresa Hemmings tested this revolutionary new hat for HHO.

    “It is a strange looking hat and quite heavy to wear, although it is reasonably comfortable,” says Theresa.

    “I prefer my lightweight ventilated hat, although the improved safety aspect of this hat does make it appealing, particularly for riders who are very safety conscious.”

    “I think this hat is quite reasonably priced and given that is a new concept.”

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