Product test: Herbal calmer

  • HHO test’s Equiherbs Relaxer herbal supplement on a tense young pony

    Equiherbs Relaxer is from a new range of herbal products, formulated by equine irridologist and herbalist Ellen Collinson.

    Made from a combination of herbs with calming properties, Relaxer is described as suitable for nervous travellers, horses with stable vices such as box walking and weaving, and over-excitable competition horses.

    Relaxer is 100% herbal and contains no chemicals or prohibited substances. It does not cause drowsiness or effect performance.

    A 500gms tub costs £50.00 and lasts approximately one month.

    For more information visit www.equiherbs.co.uk

    Tester’s comments

    Before being fed Relaxer Treasure was inattentive to ride and became extremely upset when something spooked her. Once upset she remained tense and unsettled for a long time.

    Although generally good to handle, she jogged when being turned out and brought in from the field and called when left in her stable.

    The first change we noticed when feeding the herbs was that she felt more relaxed on her way to the field. She was also quieter in her stable and the calling nearly stopped.

    She remained sharp to ride while on the Relaxer, although her levels of concentration developed, which helped reduce the spooking. Also, when she became upset by something, the tension did not last so long as previously.

    At £50 for one month’s supply, Relaxer is not the cheapest calming supplement on the market but it did have a positive effect on this particular pony.

    Verdict: Expensive, but worth trying on sensitive souls

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