Product test: Competition jacket

  • HHO tests the Lucinda Green Village Gossip show jacket in the dressage arena

    The Lucinda Green Village Gossip show jacket is made from 100% new Scottish wool and is Teflon-coated for improved resistance against stains.

    Made in England, the jacket is fully lined and generously cut across the back and arms for increased comfort.

    The jacket is available in navy or black with brass buttons and velvet trim. Available in sizes 8 to 18.

    Cost at around £200.

    For more information, including your nearest stockist, (tel: 01695 550357).

    Tester’s comments

    The Village Gossip is a beautifully cut jacket, which oozes elegance and style. I particularly liked the five gold buttons and the detailing on the cuffs.

    When I first tried the jacket on I was concerned that it felt generous in size on my slight body, but once in the saddle it looked great and I felt very comfortable. However, the sleeves were a little long for my short arms and had to be adjusted.

    As the jacket is made of pure wool, I thought it might be quite hot to ride in, but I was pleasantly surprised to find I didn’t get any hotter than in my old jacket.

    The Teflon coating is a great idea as I find it difficult to stay immaculate at competitions. My horse has a very wet mouth and she always manages to wipe her mouth on my jacket at some point during the day. However, I simply sponged the saliva off and the jacket looked pristine again.

    Verdict: Not cheap but worth the money if you are competing regularly

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