Pony ‘hit by motorbike and left to die’

  • The RSPCA is appealing for witnesses after a coloured pony was allegedly struck by a motorbike at a West Midlands nature reserve and left to die.

    RSPCA inspector Jackie Hickman found the injured pony at Fens Pool Nature Reserve in Brierley Hill on Monday (2 April).

    He had collapsed following a severe injury to his back end and may have been unable to get up for nearly two days.

    Ms Hickman said: “It was clear he was suffering and unable to get up. His eyes were swollen and bald where he had thrashing around in a desperate attempt to stand up. It was upsetting to watch.”

    The pony was put to sleep by a vet.

    The RSPCA said a local told them that youths on off-road bikes had been on the reserve on Saturday and they had heard a horse had been hit by a motorbike and injured.

    In February a horse sustained a suspected broken leg after being allegedly chased by youths on bikes in the same area.

    It also had to be euthanased.

    Inspector Hickman said: “If these horses are being deliberately targeted by youths on motorbikes, then serious animal welfare offences have been committed. This behaviour is totally unacceptable and has to stop.

    “If anybody has details of who these youths are or has witnessed such an event in this area then I would urge them to leave me a message on 0300 1234 999.”

    The vet who attended on the pony – Andrew Crane, of St Georges Equine – said: “In 25 years of working as a veterinary surgeon in this area I have seen far too many horses suffering and dying through both neglect and deliberate cruelty.

    “It is a big welfare problem and high time serious action was taken to prevent any more cases such as the one I attended on Monday.”

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