Plastic Ordnance Survey maps go on sale

  • Plastic Ordnance Survey maps are now available for the first time, making it easier for riders to map read in wind and rain. Aqua3 Evolution OS Select maps are 100% recyclable, fully waterproof, tear proof, lightweight and flexible.

    “Ordnance Survey maps have always been printed on standard paper,” said Alen Shaw from the new map’s makers, Chartech International Ltd. “But the new plastic type will be better for horse riders as they are waterproof and easy to fold. You can even write on them and afterwards use a soft cloth to wipe off the pencil.”

    Aqua3 maps of specific areas can be ordered online, using Ordnance Survey data. Customers simply enter a postcode, place name or grid reference to choose the exact centre point and edges of their Aqua3® Evolution OS Select™ Map. Visit: www.aqua3.com

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