Patchetts EC showjumping results, 31 October-1 November

  • KBIS Insurance British novice.— 1, Voltaires Ushie (R Cruikshanks); 2, Lavenham Rogue Trader (G Polkinghorne); 3, Lady Evi (I Karatepe). Patchetts 1m.— 1, Vito III (R Pearson); 2, Jessica Du Warchet (EJ Slater); 3, Call My Bluff (A Lewis). Patchetts 1.10m.— 1, Miss Chievous (A Lewis); 2, Waldo (C Aston); 3, Tipper II (K Watts). Patchetts 1.20m.— 1, Marinello (C Aston); 2, Trick Or Treat (A Lewis); 3, Vahorn (E Brook). national 1.30m.— 1, My Romeo (A Lewis); 2, Theun (E Brook); 3, Powerboy (S McTaggart). 1 Nov: Tri-Zone newcomers.— 1, Amore Di Sienna (E Dickinson); 2, Tivita II (K Ashley); 3, Zando DM (L King). 1.15m.— 1, Miss Chievous; 2, Uber De Carmel (S Reeve-Young); 3, The Exhibitionist II (M Lockhart). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/grade C.— 1, Miss Darcy (K Watts); 2, Casimir II (EJ Slater); 3, Volumia (M Lockhart). Patchetts 1.25m.— 1&2, Uttah Van Het Indihof & Simply Billie Bunter (EJ Slater); 3, Trick Or Treat. national 1.30m.— 1, On The Mind (J Crippen); 2, Merc (F Semon); 3, Iolanthe (J Ward). KBIS Insurance British novice.— 1, Lord Darco II (S Reeve-Young); 2, Solos Capricorn (V Thompson); 3, Quolibet D’Hem (G Law). Equissage discovery.— 1, Alonso (J Broad); 2, Myer (J Large); 3, Solos Capricorn (V Thompson).

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