Paris targets dog owners

  • The city council in Paris launches a campaign to get dog owners to clear up after their dogs

    The city of Paris, one of the world’s most visited capitals, is getting tough with its dogs owners. Dogs in the city reportedly deposit 16 tonnes of excrement on its streets and pavements every day.

    The city’s council has placed free, black plastic bag dispensers on favourite dog-walking spots with cartoon like explanations of how to use the equipment.

    “Simple place hand in bag, grab mound, pull bag over hand capturing all, tie securely with a knot and place in bin,” it reads.

    There’s also a morning patrol, with council workers handing out advice and leaflets. But, according to Reuters news agency, there is resignation among street cleaners that little will change.

    “You might be able to teach old dogs new tricks, but it’s not easy with Parisians,” one man said.

    The French capital is home to 200,000 dogs and the city spends 70 million francs a years trying to clean up the mess.

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