P-P results – 1-4 February 2001

  • KELSO 1 February

    62 KELSO MEMBERS HC, 3m1f

    1 Sunny Leith (Feelings FR) (G M Cowan), 11-03 D Jewett
    2 Sparky Gayle (IRE) (Mr & Mrs R Anderson Green), 12-00, tt, fav A Parker
    3 Snooty Eskimo (IRE) (A Fraser), 10-10 T Davidson
    Also: Phar Echo (IRE) 11-03 (4), Andy Burnett (IRE), 11-10 (5), The Crooked Oak, 10-10 (6), Over The Hill (IRE), 11-03 (7), Keeper¡s Call (IRE), 11-05 (pu), Childsway, 10-10 (ref), Vital Issue (IRE), 11-07 (ur).10 ran. 4l, 3/4l, 28l, dist, dist, dist. 7min 10.1s. TOTE: £8.80; places £1.40,£1.30,£8.90 Ex:£24.10 CSF:£14.69. SP: 7-1. ().

    CAMBRIDGESHIRE, Horseheath, 3 February

    63 CONFINED, 12st

    1 Fair Exchange (Bustino) (Mrs M G Sheppard),fav P Taiano
    2 Tarthooth (IRE) (W J Tolhurst), 5x C Ward-Thomas
    3 Sense Of Adventure (H B Hodge), 3x W Wales
    Also: Bramblehill Buck (IRE) (4), Mister Blake (5), Corston Joker (pu), El Rubio (pu), More Fun (USA) (ur), Wrekengale (IRE) (pu).9 ran. 5l, hd, 10l, 1/2l. 7min 01.0s. TOTE: £1.70; DF:£3.30. SP: 4-7. (Cambs).


    1 Noughtosixty (IRE) (Brevet) (Mrs M Reynolds, Mrs C Gibbs & Mrs L Arkwright), 5x, fav R Cope
    2 SecretStreams (IRE) (Sir Chips Keswick & C H Sporborg), 5x S Sporborg
    3 Inch Fountain (IRE) (M J Parr), 6ow A Crow
    Also: Derryair (4), Basincroft (f), Blazing Times, 10ow (pu), Court Thyne (IRE) (ur), Glencloy (IRE) (pu), Mr Magget (IRE) (pu), Newtown Rosie (IRE), 5a (pu), Novatara, 1ow (pu), Romany Chat (pu).12 ran. 3l, hd, nk. 6min 56.0s. TOTE: £3.80; DF:£5.90. SP: 11-4. (Pytchley).

    65 MENS OPEN

    1 Fandango De Chassy (FR) (Brezzo FR) (C J Hays) N King
    2 Hatcham Boy (IRE)(Mr & Mrs A G C Howland Jackson) C Ward-Thomas
    3 Copper Thistle (IRE) (R S Hunnisett), fav R Hunnisett
    Also: Freedom Fighter (4), Garrison Friendly (IRE) (5), Craighardie (pu), Veredarius (FR) (pu), Weak Moment (IRE) (pu).8 ran. 6l, 1/2l, 7l, dist. 6min 55.0s. TOTE: £4.40; DF:£9.10. SP: 8-1. (Thurlow).


    1 Look In The Mirror (Rakaposhi King) (C Hammett), fav Miss A Nolan
    Also: Diwali Dancer bl (ref), Prince Of Saints (IRE) (pu), Weather Wise (pu).
    4 ran. Finished alone. 6min 58.0s. TOTE: £1.70; DF: -. SP: . (Cotswold).

    67 RESTRICTED, 12st

    1 Contingency (Broadsword USA) (Miss C E & Mrs J Hill) R Cope
    2 Lillooet (IRE) (R Fielder), 5a C Gordon
    3 Labula Bay (H R Cook)D Dunsdon
    Also: Claret And Blue (4), Dynoun (pu), Hamish (f), McATTack (IRE) (pu), Mountain Tae (IRE) (pu), Rio¡s Lord (IRE) (pu), Smurf (IRE) (pu), Will Hill (IRE), fav (pu).11 ran. 3l, 1l, 8l. 7min 06.0s. TOTE: £5.90; DF:£25.30 (1+any). SP: 8-1. (Pytchley).

    68 OPEN MAIDEN 56&7yo, 12st

    1 Grumpy Stumpy (Gunner B) (W O¡Brien) S Joynes
    2 Bob Knows (Mrs R Gasson) A Martin
    3 Josh¡s Choice (IRE) (C Sporborg & H D Hill) S Sporborg
    Also: Branksome (IRE) (pu), CardinalBud (IRE), fav (pu), Changing Fashion (IRE) (pu), Crafty Phantom (IRE), 5a (pu), Glass Breaker (pu), Play Alone (IRE), 5a (pu), Professor Tag (IRE) (pu), Rain Delay (pu), Teeton Priceless, 5a (pu), The Flying Dragon, 5a (f).13 ran. dist, 1/2l. 7min 08.0s. TOTE: £8.90; DF:£55.50. SP: 10-1. (Cotswold).

    69 OPEN MAIDEN 8yo&up, 12st

    1 Mossy Buck (IRE) (Buckskin FR) (D W Clark) G Cooper
    2 Weavers Choice (Mrs J M Tice) A Sansome
    3 Larkus Aurelius (IRE) (P A Bull, Mrs S Lloyd & E Howes) P Bull
    Also: Jack Hackett (IRE) (4), Another Commanche (IRE) (pu), Celio Bravo (IRE) (pu), Cicero¡s Law (IRE) (pu), Green Leader (IRE), 5a, fav (pu), Jambo Bwana (pu), Mighty Monarch (IRE) (pu), Sixmile River (IRE), 5a (pu), The Arkle Bar (IRE) (pu).12 ran. 2l, dist, 12l. 7min 06.0s. TOTE: £41.40 DF:£9.40 (1+any). SP: 8-1. (Essex & Suffolk).

    NORTH CORNWALL,Wadebridge, 3 February

    70 HUNT, 12st

    1 Amazing Hill (IRE) (Amazing Bust) (Mrs W S Cook) Miss L Gardner
    1 ran. Walked over. . SP: . (N. Cornwall).

    71 MENS OPEN, 12st

    1 Dr Jazz (NZ) (First Norman USA) (P A Deal), 7x, fav L Jefford
    2 Nearly Gold (D G R Ferguson), 7x J Ferguson
    3 Owenbwee (IRE) (Mrs J E Purdie) A Honeyball
    Also: Newt 5a (4).4 ran. 30l, 30l, dist. 6min 30.0s. SP: 2-5. (Bicester with Whaddon).


    1 Baldhu Chance (Chaparly FR) (T Long) Miss L Gardner
    2 Palace Parade (USA) (H S Channon) Miss PGundry
    3 Just Bert (IRE) (Mrs J Alford), jfav Miss T Cave
    Also: Iranos (FR) bl, jfav (4), Baby Whale (IRE), 5a (5).5 ran. 10l, 4l, 30l, 6l. 6min 27.0s. SP: 12-1. (Four Burrow).

    73 RESTRICTED, 12st

    1 Durnford Bay (IRE) (Denel FR) (E D Underhill) R Woollacott
    2 Damiens Pride (IRE) (Mrs S J Batchelor) T Dennis
    3 Wait For This (IRE) (J B Radford & M Lavis), fav L Jefford
    Also: Sporting Chance (4), County Bash, 5a (5), Tony¡s Time (6), Dedalus (FR), bl (7), Jack Sun (pu), Julies Joy (IRE), 5a (pu), Mo¡s Keliro, 5a (pu), Spirit Of Life, 5a (ur).11 ran. 10l, 8l, 4l, 6l, 8l, 10l. 6min 26.0s. SP: 6-1. (Eggesford).

    74 CONFINED, 12st

    1 Elliewelliewoo (Syrtos) (Mrs C Egalton), 5a, fav L Jefford
    2 Garnwin (IRE) (Mrs S Messer-Bennetts) Miss T Cave
    3 Grooving (IRE) (Mrs L M Edwards) S Craddock
    Also: Full Alirt 5a (4), Solomans Sister, 5a (5), Johnny-K (IRE) (pu), Thornbird, 5a (pu).7 ran. 25l, 8l, 10l, 3/4l. 6min 21.5s. SP: 1-3. (Mid Devon).


    1 Phar From Chance (Phardante FR) (Count K Goess-Saurau) Miss P Gundry
    2 Jolification (G D Taylor, Miss J Hardy, J Cridland & D Thomas) A Honeyball
    3 S B S By Jove (Mrs D Cocks),fav A Charles-Jones
    Also: Jeepers (IRE) (4), Absent Citizen (IRE), 5a (ur), Brother Nero (NZ) (pu), Dark Challenger (IRE) (pu), Final Option (IRE) (pu).8 ran. 3l, 15l, 4l. 6min 30.0s. SP: 9-4. (V.W.H.).

    76 OPEN MAIDEN (Div I), 12st

    1 Un Jour A Vassy (FR) (Video Rock FR) (C G Roach), fav T Dennis
    2 Sausalito (D Little & R Hand), 5a Mrs M Hand
    3 Mr Thurlstone (Mrs R Fell) Mrs S Fell
    Also: Indian Muse 5a (4), Classic Mistress, 5a (pu), Darcy Jones, 7a (f), Grayrose Hip, 5a (f), Play It Cool, 7a (f).8 ran. 25l, 25l, 10l. 6min 46.0s. SP: 4-5. (N. Cornwall).

    77 OPEN MAIDEN (Div II), 12st

    1 Philson-River (IRE) (Riverhead USA) (Mrs C Egalton), fav L Jefford
    2 Wild Dream (S Pike), 5a, bl A Honeyball
    3 Tanglefoot Tipple (Mrs J E Purdie) N Mitchell
    Also: Coppeen Opal (IRE) 5a (pu), Harvest Home (IRE) (pu), Mr Bumble (pu), Spring Gold (f).7 ran. 25l, 8l. 6min 36.0s. SP: 10-11. (Mid Devon).

    SUFFOLK,Ampton, 4 February

    85 HUNT

    1 As You Like It (USA) (Nijinsky CAN) (R Oliver Smith & Mrs A J McVay) N King
    2 Dream Packet (Mr & Mrs A Howland-Jackson), fav C Ward-Thomas
    3 Vulpin De Laugere (FR) (C Jarvis)
    Also: Holmby Copse (ur), Persian Boy (IRE) (pu).5 ran. 15l, dist. 7min 33.0s. TOTE: £16.00. SP: 7-2. (Suffolk).

    86 CONFINED, 12st

    1 The Rural Dean (IRE) (Good Thyne USA) (S R W & Mrs J Howlett), fav W Wales
    2 Back Bar (IRE) (Miss K Thory) A Williams
    3 Cinnamon Club (T Batterbee), 5a C Ward-Thomas
    Also: The Snow Burn 7x (4), Borrow Mine (IRE) (5), Monks Soham (IRE), 5x (6), Ballygar Boy (IRE), 7ow (pu), Fortune Hunter (IRE) (pu), Mind Your Step (pu), Nibble, 6x (ur).10 ran. 6l, 3l,3l, 15l, 4l. not taken. TOTE: £6.00. SP: 2-1. (Dunston H.).


    1 Easthorpe (Sweet Monday) (Mrs J F Fitzgerald) Mrs J Fitzgerald
    2 Thurles Pickpocket (IRE) (Miss J S Stevens), fav Mrs S Hodge
    2 ran. 1l. 7min 39.0s. TOTE: £4.60. SP: 6-4. (O. Berks).

    88 LAND ROVER MEN¡S OPEN, 12st

    1 Dynamic Lord (IRE) (Mister Lord USA) (J M Turner), 7x, fav A Sansome
    2 Spuffington (Mrs A J Campbell) A Campbell
    Also: Chummy¡s Saga 7x (pu).3 ran. 7l. 7min 45.0s. TOTE: £1.10. SP: 2-5. (Suffolk).

    89 RESTRICTED, 12st

    1 Blackchesters (Genuine Gift CAN) (I S Naylor) A Bealby
    2 Mr Pistachio (IRE) (N Shutts), fav G Hanmer
    3 Tap The Father (IRE) (F Farrow & Miss H Goward) C Ward-Thomas
    Also: Royal Way (IRE) (pu), Squaddie (pu).5 ran. 1/2l, dist. 7min 40.0s. TOTE: £3.00. SP: 5-2. (Quorn).

    90 OPEN MAIDEN (Div I), 12st

    1 Campbellhill (IRE) (Torus) (Mrs M Sharland & H Hill) A Williams
    2 Rising Dawn (IRE) (P J Millington) P Millington
    3 Southern Target (G I Cooper), fav G Cooper
    3 ran. 21/2l, 10l. 8min 21.0s. TOTE: £2.60. SP: 5-4. (Granta Harriers).

    91 OPEN MAIDEN (Div II), 12st

    1 Yashwell (IRE) (Yashgan) (J M Turner) A Sansome
    2 Dreamisle (K Coe), 5a, bl, fav A Coe
    Also: Open Invitation (IRE) (pu), Timeforanother, 5a (pu).4 ran. dist. 8min 22.0s. TOTE: £2.20. SP: 2-1. (Suffolk).

    TIVERTON,Chipley Park, 4 February

    92 HUNT

    1 Jabiru (IRE) (Lafontaine USA) (Mrs K M Sanderson) R Woollacott
    2 Belarus (IRE) (Mrs S Ashburner), bl, fav C White
    3 Trolly (D J Norman) G Richards
    Also: Stormhill Warrior (4), Smudges Season, 5a (5), Country Madam, 5a (6), DesertGreen (FR), 4ow (pu).7 ran. nk, 20l, 4l, 2l, 8l. 6min 30.0s. SP: 7-4. (Tiverton).

    93 MIXED OPEN, 12st

    1 Younico (Nordico USA) (P O J Hosgood & Miss S Rising) G Richards
    2 Space Cappa (D G Stephens) Miss V Stephens
    3 Gunner Boon (D Brace), fav J Jukes
    Also: Ainsi Soit Il (FR) bl (4), Twin Falls (IRE), 7x (5), Belafonte (6), Thinking Twice (USA) (7), Bill Joyce (IRE) (ur), Forest Feather (IRE), 7x (pu), Morning Mist (IRE), 7x (pu).10 ran. 5l, 2l, 2l, 1l, 5l, 6l. 6min 28.0s. SP: 10-1. (Silverton).

    94 INTERMEDIATE, 12st

    1 Tell Tale (IRE) (Tale Quale) (Mrs P Pengelly & Mrs H Stoneman), fav G Maundrell
    2 Track O¡Profit (IRE) (R J S Linne) Miss S Young
    3 The Gadfly (D L Evans), vis J Jukes
    Also: Merry Chieftain (IRE) (4), Master Joey (5), Classicaction (IRE) (f), Duke Of Hades (IRE) (ur), Talkalot (IRE) (ur).8 ran. 12l, 20l, 8l, dist. 6min 27.0s. SP: 5-4. (E. Devon).


    1 Blade Of Fortune (Beldale Flutter USA) (V G Greenway) D Edwards
    2 Bally Wirral (IRE) (G C Maundrell), fav G Maundrell
    3 Spread The Word (Mrs P Pengelly), 5a J Jukes
    Also: Camera Man (4), Frozen Drop (5), Ozier Hill (IRE), 4x (6), Hanging Grove (IRE) (7), Energie Sud (FR), bl (pu), J¡accuse (IRE) (pu), Riverstown Lad (ur).10 ran. 1/2l, 3l, 15l, 20l, 2l, 20l. 6min 28.0s. SP: 20-1. (Devon & Somerset).

    96 RESTRICTED, 12st

    1 Mollycarrsbrekfast (Presidium) (Mrs E M Davis), fav Miss S Robinson
    2 Gypsy Haze (Mr & Mrs P Dando), 5a J Jukes
    3 Lady Buckland (N B Jones), 5a D Jones
    Also: Securon Lady 5a (4), Dunston Trigger (ur), Mezzo Princess, 5a (pu), Nearly Fair, 5a (pu).7 ran. 1/2l, 12l, dist. 6min 42.0s. SP: 2-1. (Quantock).

    97 OPEN MAIDEN (Div I), 12st

    1 Longstone Lad (Pittacus USA) (R G Rawle) R Woollacott
    2 Chesnut Wood (Miss H E Roberts) M Barber
    3 T J Goodtyme (IRE) (Mrs A C Martin & Mrs J Keatley) C White
    Also: Imustgeton 5a (4), Ashloch, 5a (pu), Buddy Diver (f), John Robin (pu), London Road (IRE), fav (pu), Madam Rose (IRE), 5a (pu), Royal Comic (pu), Signora Zipporah, 5a (pu), T¡be Sure (IRE), 5a (pu), Whinholme Lass (IRE), 5a (ur).13 ran. 30l, 25l, 5l. 6min42.0s. SP: 6-1. (Exmoor).

    98 OPEN MAIDEN (Div II), 12st

    1 Happy Team (Teamster) (Mrs C Nicholas), 5a, fav L Jefford
    2 Derry Blue (A P Gent), 5a D Jones
    3 Mainlier (G M Spencer) A Wintle
    Also: Saltis (IRE) (4), Lily Lane (5), Brown Buzzard (IRE) (pu), Harriet Emily, 5a (pu), Rionda (USA) (f), Weycroft Valley, 5a (pu).9 ran. 4l, hd, 2l, 20l. 6min 56.0s. SP: evens. (Tiverton).

    99 OPEN MAIDEN (Div III), 12st

    1 Sprightley Pip (IRE) (Roselier FR) (Mrs D J Hughes), fav J Jukes
    2 La Tormenta (IRE) (Mrs M Cook), 5a N Harris
    3 Yours Truly (IRE) (Exors of the late H Handel, Mrs M Thomas & J Hardwill) D Alers-Hankey
    Also: Mayebeiwood 5a (pu), Red Mist (IRE) (pu), Spirit Prince (pu), Youmeandhim (IRE) (pu).7 ran. 15l, 1/2l. 6min 41.0s. SP: 2-1. (Pentyrch).


    78 HUNT

    1 Prime Course (IRE) (Crash Course) (E J Farrant), fav C Gordon
    2 Three Of Clubs (IRE) (D F Donegan) P Bull
    3 Appley Dapply (M J Roberts), 5a Miss C Jiggins
    Also: Broguestown Pride (IRE) (f), Father Fortune, bl (pu), Half Moon Spinney (pu), Pass The Buck (U), 6ow (pu), Shoveontommy (IRE) (f), Zip Your Lip (ur).9 ran. 2l, 7l. 7min 13.5s. TOTE: £6.40 DF:£8.10. SP: 7-4. (Mid Surrey F.).


    1 Belvento (IRE) (Strong Gale) (Mrs J Plackett), fav D Dunsdon
    2 Glenmont (IRE) (B Neaves & Mrs L Stock) Mrs L Stock
    Also: Arrogant Lord (pu), Bricanmore (IRE) (pu), Chill Factor, tt (pu), Dreamin George (IRE) (pu), Graphic Designer (IRE) (pu), How Friendly (pu), Impossible Quick (IRE) (ro), Oxendale (pu), Quick Bowler (IRE) (pu), Sister Ali (IRE), 5a (pu), Tantara Lodge (IRE) (pu).13 ran. 25l. 7min 20.5s. TOTE: £2.40. SP: 5-4. (Crawley & Horsham).


    1 Wibbley Wobbley (Arctic Lord) (H J Hawksfield), 4x, fav J Hawksfield
    2 Jojo (IRE) (Mrs J Grist), 7x, blB Hitchcott
    3 Gypsy Gerry (E M G Roberts) T Hills
    Also: Daddy Long Leggs (4), Bit Of An Idiot (pu), Castle Arrow (IRE), 4x, bl (pu), Dohney Boy (IRE) (pu), Environmental Law (pu), Ishma (IRE), bl (ur), Joyful Hero, 5a (pu), Moonlight Story (ur), Parson¡s Way (pu), Peafield (IRE), 4x (pu), Spoof¡s My Game (f), Tight Fist (IRE) (pu), Time Enough (IRE) (pu).16 ran. 3l, dist, dist. 7min 21.0s. TOTE: £3.20 DF:£6.60. SP: 15-8. (Crawley & Horsham).


    1 Burntwood Melody (Merdon Melody) (Mrs D Rowell), jfav Mrs D Rowell
    2 Kincora (IRE) (Mrs L Stock), jfav Mrs L Stock
    3 Andrelot (Mrs D M Grissell (The Magellan Partnership)), bl Miss H Grissell
    Also: Cracking Idea (IRE) 7x (pu), Danger Flynn (IRE), 7x (ur), Proud Fountain (IRE) (pu).6 ran. 6l, 2l. 7min 21.0s. TOTE: £3.80 DF:£3.40. SP: 2-1. (Crawley & Horsham).

    82 MENS OPEN, 12st

    1 Seod Rioga (IRE) (Down The Hatch) (S P Tindall) C Gordon
    2 Nasone (IRE) (J Plackett), vis, fav DDunsdon
    Also: Cardinal Cobh (IRE) (ur), Elliott The Butler, 7x (f), Same Difference (IRE) (ur).5 ran. 25l. 7min 13.5s. TOTE: £2.70 DF:£1.10. SP: 11-10. (Southdown & Eridge).

    83 OPEN MAIDEN (Div I), 12st

    1 Paddy Clyde (IRE) (Royal Fountain) (P M Webb) D DunsdonAlso: Amber Life 7a, fav (ur), Bold Baby, 12a (ro), Call The Tune, 5a (pu), Dorans Joy (IRE) (ref), Operetto (IRE) (ur), Will Of The People (IRE) (ur).7 ran. Finished alone. 7min 39.0s. SP: 14-1. (Mid Surrey F.).

    84 OPEN MAIDEN (Div II), 12st

    1 Buck Lock (IRE) (Buckskin FR) (A R Parrish) P York
    2 Leading Case (K Purkis, Dr D B A & Mrs H Silk), 7a P Bull
    3 Ell Gee (P Townsley), 5a P Townsley
    Also: Mr Chataway (IRE) fav (4), Intercity (5), Bavardier (IRE) (pu), Evenkeel (IRE) (ur), Find The Lady (IRE), 5a (pu), Stocks ‰n Shares, 12a (ur).9 ran. 8l, 1/2l, dist, 21/2l. 7min 34.0s. SP: 9-4. (Staff College).

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