Orsett Show 4 September ’04

  • ORSETT Essex, 4 September

    hunter: local unaff (Mr G Gunn)1, Mr G Littlewood’s Moss Town Marz; 2, K McDermott’s Brown Mischief Maw; 3, Miss C Humberston’s. local sml1, & ch, S Ball’s Grey Cloud; 2 & res, Mrs G Mayward’s Larchbrook Flowing Free; 3, Moss Town Marz. HOYS lwt (C Hunnable, Miss M G Evans)1, & res, Mrs J Jerram’s Advance Party; 2 L Bell’s Paycheck; 3, Mrs V Ramm’s The Star. mwt1, & ch, Mrs J Jerram’s Noble Clover; 2, L Russell’s Cutting Edge; 3, Miss H Pottle’s Paylight Robbery II. hwt1, Mr J Tanner’s Hermes II; 2, Davis Alison’s Kilpeck Diamond Derby; 3, Mr P Bardwell’s Jonny Roulette. HOYS WH1, J Armstrong-Small’s Piolus; 2, L Bell’s Cruise Control; 3, Miss I Wooldridge’s Sir Edmund. local unaff1, J Armstrong-Small’s Chicago; 2, E Norris’ Eridanser; 3, Miss A Butler’s Sandcrest Gin Fizz. Kempley cob (Mr P Gunn)1, Miss J Miller’s Kallarney; 2, Mrs S Green’s Total Eclipse III; 3, Ms S Creswell’s Hullabaloo III. riding horse, sml1, & ch, S Snelling’s The Debutante; 2 & res, Larchbrook Flowing Free; 3, Sandcrest Gin Fizz. lge1, S Mayes’ Mill Green Gem; 2, Ms E Williams’ Access Carnivals; 3, J Goldstone’s Diamond Diablo. CHAPS ridden (Mr J Conifey) non-native1, & res, V Macrae’s Beryl; 2, L Russell’s Puzzle; 3, Mrs S Keogh’s Lady Ellesse. native/cob/trad1, & ch, Mr & Mrs Benningfield’s Mallen; 2, Total Eclipse III, 3, Miss D Marven’s All Sorts. side-saddle equitation (Mrs M Tarran-Jones)1, Mrs M Truscott’s Clear vision; 2, Mrs Hillman-Green’s Red Feather; 3 A Wates’ Hunters Moon II. concours d’elegance1, Clear Vision; 2, Red Feather; 3, S Flanagan’s El Bea. side-saddle period costume1, Clear Vision; 2, L A Dainton’s; 3, L A Dainton’s Limited Edition. pure-bred Arab ridden (Mr J Conifey)1, R Withey’s Princess Amerinous; 2, A Wood’s Zircon Issima; 3, K Sartin’s G A S Monark. Anglo/part-bred Arab do1, & ch, A Miller’s Ashlyngs Kristela May; 2 & res, Ms L Wilson’s Linkel Romance; 3 J Ford’s Perrin Robin Goodfellow. pure-bred Arab y’stk (Miss D Robinson)1, S Hancock’s Kiym Kahlua Ibn Kahtan; 2, Mrs P A Carr’s Ellana; 3, Miss H Chapman’s Dreamdancer. do 4-y-o & over1, & res, D Crowe’s Mahradi; 2, M Burr’s Galeema; 3, Zircon Issima. Anglo/part-bred1, & ch, Ms Cavanagh Moulin Rouge; 2, Mrs T Sage’s Henley Down High Society; 3, V Entwisle’s Malyons Star Flight. WHP 138cm1, K McDermont’s Brown Cherrington; 2, L Miller’s Starlights Dancing Breeze. 153cm1, & ch, Miss A Butler’s Sandhurst Gin Fizz; 2 & res, Z Macgregor’s Tequilla Sunrise. Rosettes Direct LR (S Ward)1, Mrs C Adler’s Tinker Bells Treasure; 2, C-A Rankin’s Peggy. FR1, & res, K Ellison’s Ready Eddie Go; 2, K Bennett’s Maroc. Brineton SP1, Mrs Antuniou’s Radway Valerian; 2, Mrs A Turpin’s Isley Walton Turquoise; 3, R Musgrove’s Double Cream. M&M sml (Mrs V Hampton)1, V Evans’ Galaxy Capricorn; 2, Fidgeon/Gray’s Mayphillic China Rose; 3 Mrs D Keys’. Welsh sec C1, Mrs A Nice’s Royalt Wendy; 2, L Chambers’ Ethellamars Samurai. sec D1, & ch, Mr & Mrs Lynn’s Quaife Megans Model; 2, Miss A Thomas’ Navestock Welsh Flyer; 3, M Batchelor Shardels Remo. do stallion1, A Butt’s Chuggs Lightning Bobby; 2, H Dobberson’s Trehewyd Glyndwr; 3, E Garside’s Mitcheltroy Glyndwr. M&M lge exc Welsh1, Mrs M Kingham’s; 2, Miss C Collier’s Fort Lisa. M&M sml y’stk1, Fidgeon/Gray; 2, V Evans’ Briars Amicelli; 3 Papworth/Byford’s Cascob Kitesprite. sec C do1, Miss A Thomas Broughton Mastermind; 2, Griffiths/Weston’s Fourwinds Lili; 3 Mrs D Keys’ May Phillic Honey Bee. sec D do1, & res, P Sharp’s Stondon Park Showman; 2, Mr & Mrs Lynn’s Quaife Miranda; 3, Mr T Jex Denlangrug Dafydd. M&M lge do1, Miss N Musson’s Lackie Of Whitefield; 2, A Chamberlain. Lobster Pot LR (Mrs H Turner)1, K Webber’s Greenmount Pipes Of Pan; 2, T Woodward’s Rowfantina Peekaboo; 3, K McDermott Brown’s Stocket Silver Scamp. Kingsford M&M ridden, sml1, & ch, Mrs M Springett; 2, M Mile’s Condene Morning Glory; 3, Mrs K Plumb’s Cormaron Cousin Jack. do sec C/D1, Mikileigh Batchelor Shardels Remo; 2, D Sheppard’s Glanteifi Taran; 3, Keeley Handleaar Popeye. do M&M lge1, & res, L Shoult’s Oakcroft Talisker; 2, Miss N Musson’s Rylstone Black Knight; 3, Mrs V Link’s Dorridge Nobleman. Shearwater M&M WHP sml (Mrs M Tarran-Jones)1, & res, A Butler’s Kipton Whitethroat; 2, Ms C Jakobsson’s Fourwinds Scarlet Tiger; 3, Mrs V Link Dorridge Nobleman. do lge1, & ch, Mrs H Richards’ Watling Welsh Jack; 2, Miss L Moore’s Navestock Wendy; 3, Mrs J Liddell Brownbread Raven. miniatures (Mr J Newman)1, Mr D Gladwell’s Oriental Poppy; 2, R Milton’s Lythwood Bobby Sox, 3, Mrs L Lumley’s Monseholes Esmeralda. CHAPS non-native in-hand (Mr J Conifey)1, & ch, P Griffiths’ Merlimont; 2, Mrs G Moran’s Ghost Dancer; 3, Mrs S Keogh’s Lady Ellesse. do native/cob/trad1, & res, Miss C Remy’s Tobias Gazeeba; 2, M Cutler’s Sonny Jim; 3, Mr D Bardwell’s Travellers Fortune. Haflingers in-hand (Mr J Newman)1, J Saul’s Limerick Sradone Lady; 2, Mrs J Mulvey’s Glyn Eryr Aragon; 3, B-R Woodcraft Amigo. do ridden1, Glyn Eryr Aragon; 2, S Woodcraft’s Oxnead Scharmaine; 3, M Dudbridge’s Montello. veteran 15-20-y-o in-hand1, L Lumley’s Shulay Lapis Lazuly; 2, K Bassett’s Jim; 3, C Lazell. do 20-29-y-o in-hand1, & ch, Miss K Jones’ Checkpoint Golden Shadow; 2 & res, L Calcutt’s Autumn Ebony; 3, N Cerys’ Bolton Jasper. TB & retired racehorse in-hand1, & ch, J Burdon Tala’s Pearl; 2 & res, K Allen’s Broughtons Champ; 3, J Flanagan El Bae. do ridden1, Tala’s Pearl; 2, Broughtons Champ; 3, Ms E Shaw’s Access Carnivals. heavy horse, open y’ling (Mr F S Flewitt)1, Mr A E Perkins’ Woodcock Prince Edward; 2, D Turner’s Comberton Michael; 3 D-L Littler’s Treflech Megan. do gelding1, & ch, P Rackham’s Hawthorne; 2, D A Spanton’s Acle Ryan; 3, M Knight’s Knightways Ben. filly/geld, 2/3-y-o1, J Roper’s Horsemans Bobby Bazzler; 2 S & B Jarrett’s Berty; 3, P G Jackson’s Acle Rosie. barren mare1, & res, Cooke & Sons’ Corringham Mollie; 2, Mr A E Perkins’ Silver Slipper Lady Jane; 3, Mr R Lindsay’s Nashes Odette. Suffolk & Percheron, 3-y-o & over 1, Hawthorne; 2, Corringham Mollie; 3, S & SA Fuller’s Willingham Randy.

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