Olympia Show Jumping results December ’03

  • OLYMPIA CSIW London, 18-22 December

    Welcome speed 1, Cortaflex Machiavelli (W Funnell), GB; 2, Diamonds Daylight (A Pollmann-Schweckhorst), GER; 3, Randi (R Whitaker), GB; 4, Captain Wellington (A Davies), GB; 5, Blue Chip Kildalton Lad (P Barker), GB. Martin Collins Seconds Added Stakes 1, Fresh Direct Glenwood Springs (T Stockdale), GB; 2, Ricarda T (M Gretzer), SWE; 3, Loro Piana Hamlet (G Williams), GB; 8, Pakko (K Shore), GB. PC mini major 1, Little April Showers (J Craven) & Onyx V (G Williams); 2, Oakhills Flashpoint (B Gould) & Cushty (J Renwick); 3, Flickers Fortune (A McKain) & Gamble (A Davies). British Eurosport Christmas Stakes 1, Arko (N Skelton), GB; 2, Campus (S Guerdat), SUI; 3, Corinesa (H Bourdy), FRA; 7, Fresh Direct Jerome (T Stockdale); 10, Lactic Two (J Whitaker), GB. Accenture Young Show Jumper of the Year 1, Oscar IX (P Howard); 2, Continue B (G Plumley); 3, Calibra II (L Williams). Christmas Cracker World Cup pre-qual 1, Roofs (J Tops), HOL; 2, Shutterfly (M Michaels-Beerbaum), GER; 3, Temple Croesus (P Barker); 7, Russel (N Skelton). take your own line 1, Hermes Rouge (S Guerdat); 2, Fresh Direct Landed Gentry (T Stockdale); 3, Giorgio (L Nieberg), GER; 4eq, Lactic Two; 6, Pandur (N Skelton). Accenture Stakes 1, H&M Tamina (M Baryard), SWE; 2, Marius Claudius (R Smith), GB; 3, Cushty; 4, Elise (M Armstrong), GB; 6, Onyx V; 9, Karina (R Whitaker). Accenture Christmas Puissance 1eq, Levianthon (M Aabo), DEN & Jerry Maguire (R Smith); 3eq, Coeur (J Renwick) & Lactic Two; 6eq, Primma (M Armstrong); 8eq, Andersons Free Spirit (K Shore); 10eq, Captain Wellington, Ramazotie (J Renwick) & Waltari (R Whitaker). pounds for points 1, Fresh Direct Glenwood Springs; 2, Onyx V; 3, Pakko; 4, Lactic Two; 6, Haddon House Carlson (M Whitaker), GB; 8, Blue Chip Quinton (P Barker); 9, Cushty; 10, Randi. Christmas Masters 1, Diamonds Daylight; 2, Russel; 3eq, Carmen (J Whitaker) & For Fun (M Ehning), GER; 6, Fresh Direct Landed Gentry; 7, Kalusha (R Smith). Olympia Speed Stakes 1, Donnerlitchen (M Michaels-Beerbaum); 2, AK Peanuts Z (J Lansink), BEL; 3, Wanahorse Flash Varennes (E Couperie), FRA; 9, Lord Z (J Whitaker); 10, Fleur Z (M Whitaker). Santa Stakes 1, Pandur; 2, Checkmate (M Michaels-Beerbaum); 3, Fighting Alpha (L Nieberg); 6, Carmen; 8, Portofino (M Whitaker); 9, Graf Gold (M Armstrong). Christmas Cake Accumulator 1, Felix Des Noves (P Wylde); 2, LB Scutt (W Melliger), SUI; 3, Cushty; 4, Lactic Two. Sony Ericsson World Cup qual 1, Kasting Horses Gavi (H Weinberg), GER; 2, For Pleasure (M Ehning); 3, Parco (L Philippaerts), BEL; 4, Portofino. knockout 1, Ricarda T; 2, Onyx V; 3eq, lactic Two & Cushty; 5eq, Fresh Direct Glenwood Springs & Pakko; 9eq, Gamble, Blue Chip Kildalton Lad, Primma & Randi. Ivy Stakes 1, Kalusha; 2, Pandur; 3, Norman Wells (T-A Hansen); 5, Lord Z; 7, Sky News (K Shore); 8, Fresh Direct Landed Gentry (T Stockdale). Christmas Eve 6-bar 1, Silwa Little Gun (H Weinberg); 2eq, Lincoln (A Zoer), HOL & Spender S (M Gretzer); 6, Andersons Free Spirit (K Shore); 7eq, Jerry Maguire; 10eq, Onyx V, Primma & Carmen. Champagne Taittinger Farewell Speed 1, Filias (O Becker), GER; 2, Fresh Direct Glenwood Springs; 3, Karina; 4, Cushty; 5, HHF Skip Two Ramiro (G Williams); 8, Pakko. Olympia Grand Prix 1, Shutterfly; 2, Kalusha; 3, Campus; 4, Lord Z; 9, Fresh Direct Jerome; 10, Portofino. Eurosport Leading Rider John Whitaker. Karaoke Challenge 1, Pakko & Blue Chip Kildalton Lad; 2, Onyx V & Cushty; 3, Ecu De Mieukestelt (T-A Hansen) & JPC Attila (J-M Nicolas); 4, Primma & Fresh Direct Landed Gentry; 6, Randi & Sky News (G Billington), GB.

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