Oldcotes Charity Show, 28-29 May ’06

  • OLDCOTES CHARITY SHOW Worksop, Notts, 28-29 May ’06

    Woodlands Training/Rotherham Advertiser Sue Carson Saddles/Alruba Rubber British Novice 1, Portman (D Smith); 2, Midsomer Night’s Dream (C Richards); 3, Sir Murphy (K Smith). Hayfield Saddlery Equissage Discovery 1, Milton Argentine (S Cawkwell); 2, Cornelius 27 (A Saywell); 3, The Bond Boy (N Pyrah). Attwood/Overon Equestrian Petplan Newcomers 1, Can Can (R Barton); 2, Collette III (C Curtis); 3, Guilthwaite Jessica (A Tate). Moxon Tours 1.10m 1, High Wave (A Beaumont); 2, Alderney Edge (J Burns); 3, Bandol (R Howell). Canute Haulage 1.15m 1, Ricochet Rex (P Dobby); 2, Newton (J Whitaker); 3, It’s Dime (N Pyrah). Stubbs Family/Charnwood Hotel 1.20m/Horse & Hound Foxhunter 1, Naf Naf (S Whitaker); 2, Trenawin Electra (R Barton); 3, Shadowbreaker (D Moseley).

    29 May: Ferris/Fenton Roofing Specialists 1.15m 1, Cat Balou (D Walsh); 2, Kandi II (M Lanni); 3, Joburg (R Underwood). Connexions PR & Samann Environmental Systems 1.25m 1 & 2, Ginelli & Novella (M Lanni); 3, Columbia (S Smith). DFS 1.40m 1, Insultech Up To Date (M Whitaker): 2, Blue Chip Quinton (P Barker); 3, Ginelli. Massarella Catering Group AT 1, Desdemona (J Whitaker); 2, Crown Rhodonite (E Shaw); 3, Panacee (C Curtis). Wilkinsons/Sheaf Motors A/B/C 1, Salvador II (C Curtis); 2, Armani (A Thompson); 3, Utah Girl (M Lanni). Doncaster Farriers Association 1.30m 1, Summertime Molly (A Thompson); 2, Temple What’s New (P Barker); 3, Lisnamarra (T Whitaker).

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