Nutrition the natural way

  • PR1MERO Equine’s new feed is based on natural ingredients that are suited to your horse’s digestive system

    By turning the horse into an animal for competition and pleasure we have removed it from its natural state and drastically altered its feeding habits. It is hardly surprising that some horses’ digestive systems struggle to cope with their new cereal-based diet.

    Primero Equine has scientifically formulated a natural highfibre (19%) and high oil (8%) feed that is easily digested and utilised by the horse.

    Primero Total is made from fresh, dried meadow grass, soya and cod liver oil, yeast probiotic, selenium and vitamin E, electrolytes and fresh dried herbs including mint and garlic.

    Total is suitable for all horses whether they are resting, convalescing or competing. Each bag of Total has a shelf life of four months from delivery. So whether you are feeding a pony or a horse you won’t have to worry about the feed going stale.

    Cost at around £7 per 20kg bag delivered. (Minimum delivery 1 palette.)

    Contact Primero (tel: 01989 720661) or email: primeroequine@btinternet.com

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