North & East Yorkshire County Show 8 May ’04

  • NORTH & EAST YORKSHIRE COUNTY Stokesley, North Yorks, 8 May

    SHP (M Hunter) nov 133cm 1 & ch, J Harforth’s Stanley Grange Stormdancer; 2, J Card’s Grindles Ophelia; 3, J Wormall’s Telynau Fabio. 143cm 1 & res, A Rosembloom’s Yealand Vain Glory; 2, Mrs Blackburn’s Jedi Knight; 3, C McCullagh’s Moorbank Knight. 153cm 1, L Metcalfe’s Affairs Of State; 2, E Stebbing’s Maddison County; 3, JW Furness’s Celtic Calpurnia. int 1 & sup, C Richardson’s Comberton Carlos; 2, KH Squires’s Sea Lily; 3, C Heaton’s Benjamin Brown III. RIHS open LR 1, H Taylor’s Twylands Shadow; 2, V Smart’s Twyford Millie; 3, F Horner’s Royals Wood Miss Muffet. 122cm 1, SK McBain’s Culling Toy Soldier; 2, SK Larson’s Litton Dancing Dreamer; 3, Mrs Coles’s Millay Senoretta. 133cm 1 & ch & res sup, 1, L Goodyear’s Highmead Politician; 2, LA Stevens’s Colbeach Autumn Song; 3, R Walker’s Landswell Peppercorn. 143cm 1, J Knipe & Mr Taylor’s Hollyhill Royal Secret; 2, Yealand Vain Glory; 3, D Pittendrigh’s Catchphrase II. 153cm 1 & res, I Brown’s Towan Nicholas Nickleby; 2, T Bell-Heather’s Seasons Greetings; 3, A Webb’s Rotherwood Tom Cat. int 1, J Knipe & R Taylor’s Special FX; 2, S Emmerson & E Bowman’s Sweet Violet; 3, C Richardson’s Lough Crew. int SRT (E Tate) sml 1, L Michin’s Courtland Blue Peter; 2, M Smith’s Smallland Rialto; 3, L Card’s Downies Donatella. lge 1, Mr Miller’s Amaretto; 2, Mr & Mrs PJ Ahern’s Huntroyd High Society. WHP (P Aldred & S Wright) CS 1, E Barnes’s Master Rascal; 2, J Gillam’s Mosscar Legend; 3, C Crawford’s Dilwyn. NS1, A Newsham’s Oldcourt Amadeus; 2, P Potter’s Splash Of Light; 3, JC Cooper’s Flying Colours. int 1 & ch, Lough Crew; 2, V Tennant’s My Whinnie May; 3, T Jannion’s Peeping Tom. 133cm 1, J Teare’s Defaelog Rhiannon; 2, Splash Of Light; 3, Flying Colours. 143cm 1, CL Davies’s Twilight Tarragon; 2, Mrs J Thompson’s Huttons Ambo Gemini; 3, CK Fiddler’s Just Delightful. 153cm 1, E Brandon’s Mysticv Napoliano; 2, Peeping Tom; 3, V Stockhill’s Murphys Irish Clover. SP (E Tate) nov 128cm 1, R Birchall’s Secret Charm; 2, J Harforth’s Ballylaughlin Highland Fling; 3, H Cook’s Robern Lovesong. 138cm 1 & ch, B McGrath’s Moorbank Jasmine; 2, J Coultas’s Blaircourt Crimson Tide; 3, N Readman’s Jorvik Royal Cameo. 148cm 1 & res, GR Ross’s Ellie Blue; 2, G Henderson’s Lyndrose Cats Whiskers; 3, L Minchin’s Strinesdale Scenario. LR 1, Royalswood Miss Muffet; 2, Twylands Shadow; 3, Mr Merryweather Megland Merrydream. FR 1 & ch & res sup Allison 3 Ach, Mrs Joslin’s Cnapton Tambourine; 2 & res, D Bosomworth’s Glengale Shadow; 3, H Hulme’s Nantcol Lady Penelope. open 128cm 1 & ch & sup allison ch, Mrs Joslin’s Westhill Panache; 2, Mrs Swann’s Kourous Sapphire. 138cm 1, J Goodyear’s Chaseside Contradiction; 2, S Dixon’s Warrendene Twilight Rose; 3, J Judge’s Rosslyn Spring Meeting. 148cm 1 & res, J Hugill’s Basford Sandalwood; 2, L Minchin’s Jackets Touch Of Class; 3, S Blake’s Kelsborrow Chavinist. Heritage M&M (P Barfield) WHP open mixed 1, A Metcalf’s Waitwith Whispering Wind; 2, F Heron’s Bakeburn Matador. do NS 1, Waitwith Whispering Wind; 2, M Wallace’s Bluecaps. Ridden New Forest & Connemara 1, K Burkin’s The Banjo; 2, M Wallace’s Crestimanci. Fells, Dales, Highland & Welsh D 1, Hall Family’s Penstrumbly Sax Mad Johnny; 2, SL Bennett’s Malnor Forest King; 3, M Stanford’s Niall Of Croila. B & C 1, K Wheway’s Peasedown Mr Puddle; 2, D Holt’s Mynach Moonwalk; 3, T Neal’s Gigman Sandpiper. sml 1, G Farrow’s Bengad Rumex; 2, LA Stevens’s Senruf Gin Fizz; 3, D Gregson’s Cayberry Lietenant. LR 1 & ch & sup M&M, Cayberry Lietenant; 2, D Frank’s Harland Promise; 3, K Scott’s Brynefraid Pingu. FR 1 & res & res sup, L Atkinson’s Aislaby Carmen; 2, T Neal’s Barkway Caramel; 3, A Metcalf’s Boston Buds Of May. veterans (S Sherwin) 15-19-y-o 1, L Jameson’s Shes Electric. pre veteran 15-19-y-o 1, J Harrison’s Tunstalls Little Lady. 20-29-y-o 1, VM Dee’s Cagney; 2, Mrs Milane’s Nercyne; 3, Mrs Ritchie Bland’s Kingswood Vision. pre veteran 20-29-y-o 1, Mrs Gloag’s Dancer; 2, N Hall’s Harlew Pageboy. nov Kingswood Vision Side Saddle Concours d’elegance 1, V Hogg’s Millwalk Havana; 2, J Foster’s Cinderellas Mischief; 3, J Cameron’s Jean Alesi. do Equitation 1, Millwalk Havana; 2, Cinderella’s Mischief; 3, C Swarbrick’s Gentleman Jim. best horse/pony 1, Millwalk Havana; 2, T Baldwin’s Odins Dance Of Destiny; 3, Mrs B Gray. Riding Club horse/pony 1, Mrs B Gray; 2, Jean Alesi; 3, Gentleman Jim. Association (R Avery) hack 1, Downies Donatella. R horse 1, IW Darcy’s Alpine Diplomat; 2, K Carver’s Big Mac. sml hunter 1 & ch, Sweet Violet; 2, Benjamin Brown III. hunter 1 & res, AJ Hancock’s Kexton Kasious Always Late. skewbald/piebald (C Patrick) 153cm 1 & ch, J Knipe’s All Fired Up; 2, J Blundell’s Moneypenny; 3, J Hind’s Diamond Onyx. exc 153cm 1, A Dalby’s Mr Nutmeg; 2, A Peel’s Talent Scout; 3, L Cox & L Johnson’s Tidkin Real McCoy.

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