No Wheeze respiratory supplement

No Wheeze is a natural supplement for horses with respiratory problems. Based on SP Equine Health & Herbal’s No Bute product, it also contains liquorice root, peppermint and eucalyptus to help soothe the horse’s airways.

Tester Samantha Tanner tried No Wheeze on her 11-year-old 12.0hh, county standard lead-rein pony that suffers from COPD.

“I found the product was highly palatable as Lucy can be a fussy feeder. I also found the product was easy to use thanks to the measuring section which ensures the right dosage per treatment.

“The product still has a remarkable amount left, making it good value for money. The loading dose of the product takes quite a while to take effect, but as the product is good value for money this is not an issue.”

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