New rug helps WEG teams

  • A “climate accustomisation rug” is helping event and endurance horses prepare for the Spanish climate prior to WEG

    British eventing and endurance horses heading for the World Equestrian Games have been preparing for the hot conditions expected in Jerez, Spain by using a new ‘climate accustomisation rug’.

    The ears-to-tail rug has been designed to make horses feel like they are working in a hotter climate and has been developed by Comfort Zone Equestrian, in association with event team manager, Yogi Breisner and team vet Jenny Hall.

    “The thermal qualities of the rug are ideal for making horses feel they are working in a hotter climate by providing similar temperatures to those expected at WEG, while its moisture wicking properties ensure they don’t sweat too much,” explains Yogi.

    The rug, based on the company’s Giraffe rug (pictured), is made from high quality polo fleece and covers the horse from ears to tail.

    “The new rug has been designed with freedom of movement in mind and can be used while working horse in all paces, including while galloping,” explains Richard Hibbert of Comfort Zone Equestrian.

    The team horses have been worked in the rug for 25 to 30mins at a time as part of their preparation for the World Equestrian Games.

    “Similar work has been carried out with athletes but this is the first time it has been tried with horses,” says Yogi.

    For more information visit www.cz-equestrian.com

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