New life for old dogs

  • Celebrate this week’s Grandparents’ Day by sponsoring an elderly canine at the NCDL’s unique veterans’ home

    If you’re looking for a unique gift for this week’s Grandparents’ Day (27 September) the NCDL (National Canine Defence League) has come up with a novel idea – the sponsorship of one of their centre’s elderly canines.

    Older dogs are notoriously difficult to rehome. Advancing years are often accompaniedwith a legacy of health problems which can be expensive to treat.

    To tackle this problem, NCDL set up Oakfield Old Dogs Home in Shropshire, which offers a permanent, caring home for elderly canines from any of their regional centres .

    This unique centre offers a home environment, as opposed to a kennel life, which means that elderly dogs settle in very quickly.

    The centre’s aim is to find new or foster homes for the Oakfield residents, but those that remain receive all the love and attention they need, as well as specialist veterinary care.

    “It is lovely to see them in a different environment” says Kerry Ridgeway, assistant manager at NCDL Roden. “They often seem older in the kennels, but at the home, they have their own room and the run of a two-acre field.”

    The NCDL is offering the chance to sponsor one of their older dogs at the cost of just £1 per week.

    For more information contact the NCDL (tel: 0207 837 0006) or visit www.sponsoradog.co.uk

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