New fibre-based feeds

  • Dengie’s new Fibremix range is a complete balanced fibre-based feed, that is tailored to your horse’s lifestyle

    Recent advances in equine nutrition and feeding can leave owners confused over what is right for their horse. Dengie has launched a new fibre-based range of feeds, which allow you to feed your horse according to his energy requirements.

    All are high in digestible fibre and oil, contain optimum levels of starch, chopped alfalfa and cooked linseed. They also contain Omega 3 and Omega 6, vitamins, trace minerals and XP yeast. The entire Fibremix range contains chopped alfalfa, which encourages chewing and extends eating time.

    Alfa-Easy is a low energy fibremix and contains slow release energy to combat “fizziness”. It is free from whole oats and barley so has a low starch content which makes it a suitable feed for horses convalescing or in light work.

    Cost at around £6.70 for an 18kg bag.

    Alfa-Extra is a medium energy feed suitable for horses in hard work or those who need to gain condition.

    Cost at around £7.30 for an 18kg bag.

    Alfa-Max is a high energy feed containing micronised cereals and Equiflora ProSoothepH, a probiotic from Nelson Equine & Veterinary Ltd. It is suitable for horses undertaking high intensity exercise.

    Cost at around £8 for an 18kg bag.

    Alfa-senior is a medium energy feed with high oil content designed especially for older equines. This feed includes XP Triple Action, which contains a yeast, prebiotic, and probiotic to aid digestion.

    Cost at around £7.90 for an 18kg bag.

    Dengie Complement is an alfalfa balancer that provides all the extra nutrients needed to complement the Dengie’s Alfa-A and Hi-Fi forages. It also contains the XP Triple Action and is suitable for broodmares and youngstock, natives, show horses and fizzy horses or ponies.

    Cost at around £13 for an 18kg bag.

    For more information on the new Fibremix range contact (tel: 0845 345 5115) or visit www.dengie.com

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