New feeds for ideal energy levels

  • 26 April 2002

    Spillers’ new Response range of competition feeds offer different types of energy

    Feed is closely linked to your horse’s performance and different disciplines have different nutritional needs. An event horse needs its energy levels to last, while a show jumper needs short bursts of energy.

    Spillers has formulated four new feeds, all aimed at the competition horse, to help provide the types of energy required for different disciplines.

    Each of the feeds has been developed with identical levels of protein, energy, vitamin A, D, E, copper and selenium to keep the horse in tip-top health. The difference between the feeds, which provide similar levels of energy, is in the rate which energy is delivered.

    Slow Release Energy Mix and Cubes provide a slow, long-lasting burn of energy, while Instant Energy Mix provides more of an instant boost.

    All the feeds are available in £20kg sacks.

    Cost at around £7.70 for the Slow Release Energy and Instant Energy Mix, £7 for the Slow Release Energy and Instant Energy Cubes.

    For more information contact Spillers (tel: 01908 226626) or visit www.spillers-feeds.com

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