Never knot your reins again

  • No-Knots reins have been developed by the Thorn Bridlery to help riders keep their reins at the correct length and enable them to regain the reins quickly if they are dropped. The reins are also designed to help with grip in wet weather, and arecompletely adjustable to suit any horse or pony.

    The reins include a section of leather that provides a “bridge” between the two reins. The bridge is held in position by a fastening on the inside of the rein. The rider holds the reins between the two stops that provide additional grip and ensure the correct length of rein.

    The stretch version includes a section of elastic set into the rein that makes it ideal for light young riders who get easily pulled out of the saddle. It also prevents novice riders who are learning to jump from snatching at the horse’s mouth.

    Available in black or havana leather, in Shetland pony, pony, cob, or full size, a pair of original reins will cost £36 while the stretch version will cost £42.

    Ccontact Thorn Bridleway (tel: 01332 781659).

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