Myerscough College show jumping results, 17-18 January

  • 1.05m.— 1, Lough Crew (C Richardson); 2, Bollingey Brook (F Crompton); 3, Blundell Sands (N Coupe). Tri-Zone newcomers.— 1, From Paris To Berlin (S Donnellan); 2, Golvers Hill (N Coupe); 3, Oslo Du Pre Fleuri (J Andrews). 1.15m.— 1, Uzzia (J Andrews); 2, Lyande (N Bampton); 3, Roscoes Promise To Be (E Froehlic). Horse & Hound Foxhunter.— 1, Canora (J Andrews); 2, La Couer De La Vallee (F Gardner); 3, Tara II (N Lawrence). 1.20m.— 1, Roscoes Promise To Be; 2, Carlsson 17 (N Martin); 3, Worrior Van Dingeshof (S Buckley). Derby House British novice.— 1, Union Jax (N Standage); 2, Lucky Number Seven (M Grant); 3, Diamant VI (C Griffiths). Equissage Discovery.— 1 & 2, Sally Anne & Cukorka Tunde (C Shepherd); 3, Forever Ragtime (J Powell). Derby House British novice.— 1, Belle Chacon (M Hinks); 2, Fizzy Charlie (M Mayvers); 3, Steel Clover (A Baldwin). 1m.— 1, Cracker (E Mollart); 2, Preston II (D Ryder); 3, Zonnerhoeve (M Battersby). Blaze discovery.— 1, Waikiki II (S Harrison); 2, Dutch Touch (S Sloane); 3, Sally Anne. Tri-Zone newcomers.— 1, Furst Love II (I Wynne); 2, Young Sammy (N Aafi); 3, Temple Million (C Kenyon). 1.15m.— 1, My Other Million (C Kenyon); 2, Leonardo II (J Powell).

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