Must Read: Ultimate guide to canine care

  • Ultimate Dog Care is a complete veterinary guide to looking after your dog

    Ultimate Dog Care covers all aspects of dog care, health and well being. Divided into 12 chapters, it boasts no less than 22 contributing editors including vets, doctors, professors and nurses.

    Thes book explores the principles behind breeding, as well as genetics and inheritance, and looks at how our modern day doghas evolved from its ancestors.

    One chapter, which would be of particular interest for owners of working and active dogs, is devoted to athlete dogs and to the common injuries that they may suffer.

    Alternative treatments are also reviewed: a chapter looks at how acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy, herbal medicines and other methods can be successfully used to treat common conditions.

    For more information contact Ringpress (tel: 01594 845577) or click here to purchase this book from Amazon.co.uk for £15.96.

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