Must read: First Aid for Dogs

  • First Aid for Dogs is an invaluable veterinary guide for every dog owner

    For many people owning a dog is extremely rewarding. They are always pleased to see you, more than happy to listen to your problems and rarely harbour a grudge.

    When your dog falls ill or injures itself it is essential you remain calm and have the knowledge to deal with the situation. Andrew Gardiner’s book: First Aid for Dogs provides the perfect reference tool for every caring dog owner.

    Packed full of essential facts, it deals with a host of issues including practical first aid and homeopathy. As well as devoting chapters to every major life system, it includes sections onbreeding and disease as well as covering the sensory systems.

    The difficult situation of euthanasia is also covered in a separate chapter, which looks at the means and methods as well as discussing the needs of both you and your dog.

    Over 300 pages are packed into this hardback book published by JA Allen. It is filled with colour photographs and clear black and white diagrams depicting a host of conditions and complaints.

    The author, Andrew Gardiner BVM&S, CERT SAS, MRCVS, qualified from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies at the University of Edinburgh. He has since worked in private practices and animal welfare charities specialising in the treatment of dogs and cats.

    Cost at around £28.

    For more information contact Weatherbys Allen (tel: 01933 440077 ext.351) or visit www.weatherbys-allen.com

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