Must read: Care for elderly equines

  • Care and Management of the Older Horse published by J.A. Allen is the veteran owner’s “bible”

    Older horses and ponies often need extra care and attention and this book is essential reading for owners

    Published by JA Allen Care and Management of the Older Horse is written by Heather Scott Parsons, a staunch supporter of the International League for the Protection of Horses.

    It looks at all aspects of care and management and covers day-to-day management, as well as exercise, feeding, worming, health care, retirement options, breeding and euthanasia.

    There is also a separate section on veterinary care, which looks at lameness, digestive, respiratory and eye problems, as well as organ failure and tumours.

    The book contains plenty of examples of veterans who are continuing to enjoy active and fulfilling lives, with excellent photographs and drawings to illustrate points.

    Available in hardback from Weatherbys Allen.

    Cost at around £20.

    For more information contact Weatherbys Allen (tel: 01933 440077 ext.351) or visit www.weatherbys-allen.com

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