Midland Counties showing results, 4-5 June, 2011

  • Heritage M&M WHP (Mrs A Colles) exc 138cm. 1 & res, K Seedhouse’s Riversdale Ritzy Nix; 2, S Love’s Silver Foxtrot; 2, C Bennett’s Fiona’s Pride. 138cm. 1 & ch, L Hingley’s Millcroft Dow Jones; 2, N Horsley-Gubbins’ Annandale Matador; 3, Z Bowden’s Rodehall Rockstar. 122cm. 1, L Wilkinson’s Stoak Song; 2, L Curbishley’s Tremymor Ap Dylan; 3, S Firth’s Underhill Firefly. M&M FR WHP (Mrs A Stevens, Mrs H Prescott). 1, V Cox’s Boston Bo Peep; 2, C Preece’s Tan Lan Senator. RIHS M&M WHP 122cm. 1 & res, Countess of Shrewsbury’s Chetwynd Caspar; 2, L Hingley’s Maesyberwyn Waving Corn; 3, S Firth’s Underhill Firefly. 138cm. 1, V Cox’s Lochinvar; 2, C Harrison’s Furzley Charade; 3, D Brown & P Seedhouse’s Dycott Survivor. exc 138cm. 1 & ch, S Love’s Acton Humbug; 2, S Weir’s Ruby Slippers; 3, A Bebbington’s Willoway Court Jester. working hunter (P Cook, T Lucas) restricted. 1, L Bell’s Flannon Vision; 2, R Salt’s Mossbrook Daniel; 3, K Green’s I’m A Diamond. open. 1, ch & sup ch, L Bell’s W Get Smart; 2, D Reid-Scott’s Harley Foxtrot; 3, P Price’s Warco. novice. 1 & res, Flannon Vision; 2, A Golding’s All Ireland; 3, B Hester’s Lennox. working show horse. 1, E Wilde’s John Doe. ridden hunter (Miss D Atkinson, T Lucas) nov. 1, R Jenkinson’s Cavalex; 2, H McCloy’s Byram Bay; 3, L Green’s Whitgreen Redbaron. lwt. 1, P Underwood’s Loch Royal; 2, R Serrell’s Man Of Quality; 3, F Bentley’s Zepper. mwt. 1 & res, Mr & Mrs M Jerram’s Woodfield Indo; 2, S Iggulden’s Oathills Take The Biscuit; 3, C Stowell-Davies’ Standing Ovation. hwt. 1 & ch, S Roche’s Cabra West; 2, Beaverfast Ltd’s Foxcourt All Talk; 3, J Polkinghorne’s Hoghtons Bugatti. sml. 1, P Underwood’s Royal Agent; 2, S Galloway’s Lacken Master; 3, D Stennett’s Time 2 Reflect. ladies. 1, L Rowe’s Millrowes Say No More; 2, A Tate’s Shanbo River King; 3, C Bardo’s Carnaby Street. do astride. 1, V Scouller’s Re Bonjour. sport horse. 1, A Collins’ Chloes Gold; 2, B Langley McKim’s Cos Me Is Black; 3, P Bowdler’s Coalition. side-saddle (Miss M Traves, Mrs A Beard) concours. 1, C Ashby’s Pickmere Amrita; 2, s F Dransfield’s Patrickswell Apache; 3, J Dean’s Sugarbrook Whinfield. equitation. 1, Patrickswell Apache; 2, J Dean’s Sugarbrook Whinfield. horse/pony. 1, Pickmere Amrita; 2, Patrickswell Apache. hack (Hon Mrs D Gooch, Miss S Leatherbarrow) sml. 1 & ch, L Kelbie’s Classic Chauvinist; 2, Perriland Polititian. lge. 1 & res, Mrs Humpries’ Topseys Prima Donna; 2, G Wingrove’s Pillow Talk; 3, S Barnes’ Persian Josr. riding horse (Hon Mrs D Gooch, T Wiggett) nov. 1, C Barnes’ Jack Frost; 2, R Johnson-Townley’s Runnon Rio Grande. sml. 1 & res, C Twiston-Davies’ Royal Mirage; 2, W Ryle’s Regal Request; 3, Jack Frost. lge. 1 & ch, Beaverfast Ltd’s Foxcourt Accola; 2, H Heyes’ The Rough Diamond; 3, C Edwards’ First Centurian. cob (Miss S Leatherbarrow, T Wiggett) nov. 1, J McTiffin’s Randalstown Limited Edition; 2, J Mannering’s Becks; 3, K Wright’s Bentley. maxi. 1, R Bartolomy’s Clantarra Shadow Play; 2, T Winfield’s Pebbly Samurai; 3, J McTiffin’s Marble Arch. lwt. 1 & ch, Beaverfast Ltd’s Randalstown Grafton; 2, J Sharp’s What A Corking Clover; 2, H Sankey’s The Life Of Riley. hwt. 1 & res, C Tunnicliffe’s Equator; 2, E Young’s My Pal Joey; 3, R Williamson’s Stilton. Irish draught (Mrs H Milner) ridden, pure. 1 & ch, Cabra West; 2, G Glendining’s Rathagan Flood; 3, Mr & Mrs D Underwood’s Get Up Moyles Pride. sport horse. 1 & res, Cos Me Is Black; 2, R Salt’s Mossbrook Daniel. in-hand, y’stk. 1 & ch, B McKim’s Cos Me Is Deliquent; 2, J Roberts’ Truly Exclusive; 3, J & R Swift’s Munfin Blue Lady J Swift. 4-y-o & over. 1 & res, Cos Me Is Black; 2, T Partridge’s Falstaff Thomas Partridge. CHAPS coloured, ridden (Mrs K Carter, R Parker-Jones) unplaited horse. 1 & res, C Bardo’s The Humdinger; 2, A Robinson’s Costello; 3, M Richardson’s Piano Man. do, pony. 1 & ch, S Harrison’s Chantilly Lace; 2, Mr & Mrs M Wood’s Login Lucky Lad; 3, T Foulger’s Watercolour King. plaited, horse. 1, R Robertson’s Lyndell Jokes Minx; 2, J Rees’ Cinnargo; 3, J Powell’s Jigsaw Jack. do, pony. 1, M Pook & M Burr’s Perriland Politician; 2, Mr & Mrs M Wood’s Snaafi Bright Spark; 3, N Latham & T Wadley’s Pantywaun Commanche. nov, horse. 1, S Birch’s Kings Will; 2, G Ross’ Castle Franco; 3, C Bennett’s For The Boys. do, pony. 1, S & F Barltrop’s Legendary Warrior; 2, R Littlewood’s Ballindine Girl; 3, H Pickles’ Daria TJ. veteran (Mrs M Cartlidge) pre. 1, A Hodkin’s Duo Master; 2, S Jeffery & J Sleers’ Bolton; 3, K Prins’ Sasha. vet. 1 & ch, M Standen’s Oughtrington Starlight; 2 & res, S Corner’s Dickens; 3, S Matthews’ Dream Chaser. Arab, pure-bred (Mrs L Lidbury) ridden. 1 & res, A Dixon & C Phillips’ Charlotte Dabbs; 2, M Barlow’s Kharalisa; 3, P Shenton’s El G Sanan. Anglo/part-bred, 148cm. 1, D Froggatt & J Wilkinson’s Orlando Spritzer; 2, E Pettengell’s Croftys Enigma; 3, A Carpenter’s Il Divo. exc 158cm. 1 & ch, A Sellers-Smith’s Holltess Hackett; 2, C Hackett’s Highland Reel. Tattersalls RoR (Miss S Leatherbarrow) ridden. 1, C Edwards’ First Centurian; 2, N Catterwell’s Bee J Gee; 3, A Hookin’s Duo Master. TARRA in-hand. 1, A Varley’s First Mate; 2, G Reid’s Mr Sugar; 3, N Catterwell’s Bee J Gee. Anglo/part-bred in-hand (Mrs L Lidbury) y’ling. 1, J Shirt’s Poppyfields Pumpkin. 2/3-y-o. 1, R Timson’s Brindlebrook Prime Suspect; 2, Mr & Mrs Cooper & E Cooper’s Moor Than Handsome; 3, M & T Carswell’s Paddocklow Poseidon. mare. 1 & ch, E Cross’ Faranella Valencia. foal. 1, E Cross’ Bombay Maravilloso. geld. 1, L Johnson-Parker’s Pickmere Playboy; 2, A Carpenter’s Il Divo. stallion. 1 & res, E Cross’ Bombay Royal Prince; 2, D Froggatt & J Wilkinson’s Orlando Spritzer. pure-bred, 4-y-o & over. 1 & ch,T Sheward’s Stormlite Royal; 2 & res, C Doxey’s Oad Plashaal; 3, P Shenton’s El G Sanan. vet in-hand (Mrs M Cartlidge) pre. 1 & res, Mrs Walton-Barnes’ Maybe Just Maybe; 2, H Leather’s Hodni Rex; 3, C Phillips’ Wilcrick Bobby Dazzler. vet. 1 & ch, S Matthews’ Dreamchaser; 2, H Cartmail’s Master Tobias; 3, K Sedgwick’s Seawitch. hack breeding (D Bartram) y’ling. 1, T Goulding’s Imperial High Order; 2, Y Ridgway’s Sirens Sihouette Dancer. 2/3-y-o. 1, J Carey’s Carrhouse Above The Law; 2, Moor Than Handsome; 3, M & T Carswell’s Paddocklow Poseidon. mare. 1 & ch, Faranella Valencia; 2, E Edwards-Brady’s Little Miss Tittle Tattle; 3, B & L Bramhall’s Pendley Elegance. foal. 1 & res, E Cross’ Bombay Maravilloso; 2, B & L Bramhall’s Silvas Exquisite. riding horse breeding, y’ling. 1, Nr & Mrs Walton-Barnes’ Jannah’s Prospect; 2, L Lawrence’s Dionysos. 2/3-y-o. 1 & ch, W & J Moran’s Look Twice; 2 & res, G Sandford’s Red Letter Day; 3, S Ramsden’s Man Of The Moor. coloured in-hand (Mrs K Carter) y’stk unplaited. 1, J Thompson’s Cerrighedd Emilie Rose; 2, M Hunt’s Pentrefelin Jigsaw. unplaited. 1 & ch, H Sankey’s Dreamtime; 2, B Everard’s Cornellious Décor; 3, S Shally’s Fulwoods Festival Boy. open, unplaited. 1, M Hunt’s Maesiontas. plaited. 1 & res, B Everard’s Cornellious Décor; 2, Z Aspinall’s Bassano Big Country; 3, T Nelson’s Blinkbonny Prince Harry. hunter breeding (Hon Mrs D Gooch)mare. 1, res & Cuddy ch, W & J Moran’s Tiger Lily. foal. 1, W & J Moran. 2-y-o. 1, W & J Moran’s Step This Way. 3-y-o. 1, E Shally’s Fulwoods Festival Boy. sport horse breeding (D Bartram) y’ling. 1, Mr & Mrs Walton-Barnes’ Jannah’s Prospect; 2, T Goulding’s Imperial High Order; 3, Y Ridgway’s Sirens Silhouette Dancer. 2-y-o. 1 & ch, W & J Moran’s Warren Point; 2 & res, A Macdonald-Hall’s Birdsong; 3, L Ibbotson’s Heathersedge Eurodizney. 3-y-o. 1, G Sandford’s Red Letter Day; 2, J Roberts’ Truly Exclusive; 3, S Toon’s Oso Lucky. WHP (P Molloy, G Morgan) 133cm. 1, A Prince’s Noble Toreen Lass; 2, A Meyrick’s Crabbswood Nutmeg; 3, S Horne’s Gryngalt Pageant. 143cm. 1 & res, N Horsley-Gubbins’ Mr Binks; 2, A Wybergh’s Chandaem Pippaley; 3, S Smith’s Todley Hall Noah. 153cm. 1 & ch, R Leavesley’s Cashel Bay; 2, S Weir’s Otto; 3, J Cooper’s Mirah Kilgobben Rebel. int. 1, M Bowling’s Charlie G B; 2, C Peake’s Valley’s Sent; 3, E Collier’s Hearts On Fire. tiny tots (Mrs A Calvert). 1, V Cox’s Boston Bo-Peep; 2, C Preece’s Tan Lan Senator. CS. 1 & ch, P Eddis’ Kyregate Peter Pan; 2, L Hingley’s Maesyberwyn Waving Corn; 3, V Cox’s Boston Bo-Peep. NS. 1 & res, Noble Toreen Lass; 2, A Banks’ Noble Super Ted; 3, L Hingley’s Millcroft Dow Jones. nov WHP, 133cm. 1 & res, A Banks’ Noble Super Ted; 2, V Cox’s Hanmere Maverick. 143cm. 1 & ch, D Lay’s Jessie Of Danthorpe; 2, C Hamilton’s Popstar; 3, L Hingley’s Ollerset Solar. 153cm. 1, V Cox’s Beechpark Molly; 2, C Bennett’s Fiona’s Pride. int. 1, J Ashmore’s Foxbroo Modern Classic; 2, D Mactaggart’s Zeitgeist; 3, L White’s Vevita. LR SHP (Mrs K Pole). 1, Mrs Williams’ Friarly Gamepoint; 2, Mr & Mrs Woodman’s Cosford Charabanc; 3, M Pendiebury’s Rhydyllech Red Saffron. open (A Robertson) int. 1, L Jackson’s Lansonii; 2, P Underwood’s Utah; 3, S Welby’s Fair And Square. 153cm. 1, S Lobb & F Dymond’s Annandale Darcy; 2, C Trodd’s Gigman All That Jazz; 3, S Dennison’s Crystal Vision. 122cm. 1, V Smart’s Wedderue Marengo; 2, H Tansey’s Romai Mr Micawber; 3, L Bowen’s Helsington Material Girl. 133cm. 1 & ch, L Fitzgerald’s Greylands Stardust; 2, M Khan’s Thimbleby Final Edition; 3, T Harvey’s Crafton Waltz Of The Toreadors. 143cm. 1 & res, J Thurston’s Carnsdale Sir Lancelot; 2, J McClusky; 3, L Fitzgerald’s Midtown Magic. HOYS M&M LR (Mrs J Williams, Miss D Chadwick). 1, ch & res sup pony, A Evans’ Thistledown Candice; 2, D Barr’s Waitwith Juliet; 3, J Green’s Heniarth Norma Jean. FR. 1 & res, N Grooby’s Bryndefaid Anja; 2, C Trodd’s Mynddtarren The Marksman; 3, L Reed’s Rosmarche Ribbonwood. NPS/Micor LR (D Puttock). 1 & ch, L Perrott’s Tygolaugeorgie Girl; 2, Mrs Preece’s Crimons Bonheddwr; 3, N Kirby-Moores’ Swinford Flewr. FR. 1 & res, C Preece’s Buckberry Emile; 2, C Scott’s Briars Sweet Wispa; 3, C Hompton-Geaghegan’s Glynoch Dean. SP (Mrs P Prickett, Mrs E Stanleick) 128cm. 1 & res, F Parr’s Sandbank Earlybird; 2, L Stockdale’s Baybrook Royal Reflection; 3, S Dennison’s Barkway Frivolity. 138cm. 1, R Fowler’s Broadgrove Jester; 2, S Brewis & J Harvey’s Rhos Emperor; 3, I Darcy’s Willowhill Forget Me Not. 148cm. 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs M Wrighton’s Moorgate High Hopes; 2, W Edgar’s Wilderness Fancy Spice; 3, J McCluskey’s Hinwood Two Thyme. LR (Mrs E Stanleick). 1, C & O Helliwell’s Hightopps Magic; 2, M Trevelyan’s Barkway Moonflight; 3, P Brightwell’s Cosford Veronica. FR. 1 & ch, J Dean’s Hollybush Pirouette; 2 & res, B Taverner’s Barkway Precocious; 3, Mr Marshall’s Copybush Moonsprite. int SRT (Mrs E Stanleick, Mrs P Prickett) sml. 1 & res, G Beale’s Lucy Brown; 2, L Minchin’s Greenacres Pilot; 3, E Butterworth’s Fleetwater Xecutive. lge. 1 & ch, C Yates’ Lisette; 2, F Hesketh’s Nutwood Trillium; 3, S Brayshaw’s Midnight Scoundrel. nov SP (Mrs P Prickett). 1, J Sims’ Stychlands Dream Catcher; 2, S Rodriguez’s Moscombe Cheeky Girl; 3, A Wood’s Oranmore Kimbers Boy. Tambrook Stud SP (Mrs S Fluck) 148cm. 1, V Windsor-Phillips’ Wychwood Regent Prince. HOYS M&M ridden (Mrs L Hillard, Mrs H Prescott) sml. 1, A Stevens’ Brinteyview Comanchee; 2, J Pirie’s Deagol; 3, R Penny & J Barton’s Shilstone Rocks Forester. Welsh sec A. 1, J Southworth’s Ceulan Shem; 2, Chetwynd Caspar; 3, J Southworth’s Mynyddtarren The Maverick. sec B. 1, H Pearce’s Watfield Trysor; 2, J Carter’s Millcroft Iska Roc; 3, K Scott & A Anderson’s Cadlanvalley Sandpiper. New Forest, Connemara. 1, K Wainwright’s Skellorn Harrison; 2, J Sehne’s Rudgeway Silver Trinket; 3, s S Bloor’s Knockanroe Champ. fell, dales. 1 & res, S Burton’s Townend Echo; 2, L Stevens’ Waterside Black Prince; 3, A Ravenscroft’s Castle Hill Magic. Highland. 1, Miss Sandford’s Tower Clyde; 2, J Roberts’ Lyncrest My Isha; 3, J Carnegie’s Jura Of Meggernie. sec C. 1 & ch, M Simons’ Yrallt Mayday Surprise; 2, S Dowdeswell’s Rhy-Ddu Glyndwr; 3, I Latter’s Yarty Telynores. sec D. 1, O Fitzgerald’s Ffoslas Ceredig; 2, G Wozencroft’s Tardebigge Lord Thomas; 3, V Edwards-Sonnex’s Abergavenny Tywysog. Heritage (Mrs M Ludlow) New Forest, Connemara. 1, S McStein’s Classiebawn Ludo. lge. 1, ch & sup pony, M Hoare’s Rotherdale Yaris; 2, C Hobday’s Kala Flash Jack; 3, V Edwards-Sonnex’s Abergavenny Tywysog. sec B/C. 1 & res, B Bevan’s Gigman Seafarer; 2, S Bell & D Knight’s Oakhouse Cock Robin; 3, G Pring’s Dural Tywsog Du. sml. 1, C Preece’s Crimond Bonheddwr; 2, J Pirie’s Deagol; 3, D Cooper’s Sweetcombe Sunmaker. M&M in-hand, lge, 4-y-o & over. 1, C Allin’s Silverdale George; 2, K Wright’s Brock Captain Jack; 3, V Edwards-Sonnex’s Mallards Wood St Peter. y’stk. 1 & res, T Bell-Heather’s Nine Valley Harry. sml, 4-y-o & over. 1 & ch, J Shaw & P Hardy’s Legerview Shooting Star; 2, J Grant’s Foxleat Rowenberry; 3, J Shaw & P Hardy’s Legerview Xzenia. mixed M&M (R Parker-Jones) Dartmoor, Exmoor, 4-y-o & over. 1, J Grant’s Foxleat Rowenberry; 2, A Newbold’s Meering Mayflower; 3, A Newbold’s Shilstone Rocks Bitter Sweet. lge. 1 & ch, A Atherden’s Stirlingdene; 2 & res, K Wainwright’s Skellorn Harrison; 3, M Sandford’s Benbreac Of Croila. y’stk. 1, B Simcox’s Coppinshill Chaos; 2, T Bell-Heather’s Nine Valley Harry; 3, J Revell’s Meering Mia. home-produced, sml. 1 & res, E Waller’s Thistledown Popstar; 2, J Grant’s Foxleat Rowenberry; 3, J Shaw & P Hardy’s Legerview Xzenia. lge. 1 & ch, J Crane’s Murthwaite Windrush; 2, K Wright’s Brock Captain Jack; 3, V Edwards-Sonnex’s Abergavenny Tywysog. Welsh (D Puttock) sec A, y’ling filly/geld. 1, M Lupton’s Lacy Sugar Be; 2, C Mansfield’s Crumpwell Cari; 3, T Rice’s Thistledown Lucille. colt. 1, P Steeples’ Morry Valentine; 2, S Anderson’s Thistledown Cherokee. 2/3-y-o, filly/geld. 1, S Day’s Blethyn Starflower; 2, J Goodhead’s Sarum Camelia; 3, S Goodwin’s Tame Valley Rhianna. colt. 1, Mr & Mrs T Waddington’s Islyn Cennad. mare/geld. 1, W Lowe-Barnes’ Fouroaks Charisma; 2, J Allen’s Larapinta Topaz; 3, J Shaw & P Hardy’s Legerview Xzenia. b’mare. 1, E Waller’s Weston Lucky Charm; 2, M Whittington’s Papplewick Lady Jane. foal. 1, M Whittington. stallion. 1 & ch, E Waller’s Sunwillow Galong; 2 & res, Mr & Mrs S Franklin’s Springbourne Envoy; 3, J Allen’s Larapinta Oystercatcher. sec B (R Miller) yling, filly/geld. 1, Mr & Mrs P Butterworth’s Paddock Jamila; 2, G Simpson’s Wortley Senorita; 3, L Wilson’s Walseker Tiffany. colt. 1 & ch, L Wilson’s Paddock Rio. 2/3-y-o, filly/geld. 1, J Blackburn’s Westaire Savannah; 2, A Jones’ Eyarth Naomi; 3, C Mansfield’s Birkinbrook Golden Pixie. mare/geld. 1 & res, L Wilson’s Westaire Chantilly Lace; 2, M Fielding’s Offcote Princess Leah; 3, W Martin’s Larklands Menna. b’mare. 1, J Blackburn’s Westaire Saffron Lace. foal. 1, J Blackburn. stallion. 1, K Walker’s Brynoffa Jazz; 2, M Fielding’s Milford Fair Kestrel; 3, C Gibbons’ Mollegaards Don Pedro. sec C (J Davis) y’ling. 1 & ch, C & S Pearce-Morgan’s Blaencila Almond; 2, N Oldershaw’s Larnleighs Elektra; 3, L Brown’s Taincwni Victor. 2/3-y-o. 1 & res, J Smith’s Cheshmere Crusader. stallion. 1, D Timmons’ Larnleighs Twrgadarn. sec D, yling. 1, C Williams’ Synod Red And Gold; 2, Mr & Mrs A Fletcher’s Karadam Mercy; 3, L Bigley’s Llanarth Gwyneira. 2/3-y-o. 1, P Steeples’ Avonvalley Moonshine; 2, V Harte’s Yswain Poppy. mare/gelding. 1, K Pring’s Penffridd Welsh Lady; 2, A Brown’s Yswain Tamarisk. broodmare. 1, J Kirkland’s Chevet Dewdrop. stallion. 1 & ch & Cuddy res, Mr & Mrs L Bigley’s Llanarth Prince Of Wales; 2 & res, J Bowerman’s Danaway Scrumpy Jack; 3, P Greaves’ Danaway Jack Johnson. WPB (R Miller)mare/geld. 1, W Hardy & J Grant’s Thimbleby Angelique; 2, A Chatfield’s River Dancer. y’ling. 1 & res, S Harworth’s Carrhouse Clear Moon; 2, M Buckley’s Marcoise Secret Star. 2/3-y-o. 1, C Duke’s Greenbarrow Prince Of Thieves; 2, S Grimshaw’s Moluccas Juniper Jewel; 3, S Harworth’s Carrhouse Alfie Moon. stallion. 1 & ch, J Harforth’s Stanley Grange Cocksure. Shetland (Mrs R Davenport) y’ling. 1, Arden & Nadin’s Claylands Golden Finale; 2, D Smith’s Champers Georgia; 3, Mr & Mrs L Gregory’s Brewards Elite. 2/3-y-o. 1, S Coppock’s Roughwood Verage; 2, P Sellars’ Dryknowl Virago; 3, S Ashton’s Syltina Cassandra. mare. 1 & ch, D Smith’s Champers Mimosa; 2, Arden & Nadin’s Claylands Dabill Of The Highlands; 3, J Woods’ Lathom Jodie. foal. 1, S Coppock. stallion/geld. 1 & res, J Woods’ Knock Supreme. y’stk, 34in. 1 & res, G Smith’s Robins Brae Neve; 2, S Ashton’s Syltina Dusty Springfield; 3, J Winton’s Wenlackedge Ebony. 4-y-o & over. 1 & ch, M Matthews’ Mowview Sir Stanley; 2, J Winton’s Janpau Ivor; 3, S Ashton’s Araki Prudance. HP breeding (Mrs J Williams) 4-y-o & over. 1 & res, K Phillips’ Sandboro Miss Marple; 2, M Beeston’s Stychlands Royal Reynard. y’ling. 1, D Dennison’s Goodenbergh Goldfinch. 2/3-y-o. 1 & ch, S Heslop’s Cheval Mister Bangles; 2, J Hindley’s Wards Place Limited Edition. RP (Mrs S Fluck) y’ling, 128cm. 1 & res, J Wilkinson’s Barkway Sweet William; 2, E Pendarvis’ Holnicote Celebration. 123cm. 1, L Bishop-Milnes’ Wayfaring Bluebell; 2, T Carswell’s Imperial High Renaissance. 133cm. 1, R Timson’s Brindlebrook First Lady; 2, Mr & Mrs C Brereton’s Mourbank Royalty; 3, M Buckley’s Marcoise Secret Star. 143cm. 1, S Harworth’s Carrhouse Clear Moon. 2/3-y-o, 128cm. 1, Mr & Mrs R Sykes’ Mazy Gold Charm. 128cm. 1, M Armstrong’s Westhill Quizzical; 2, S Grimshaw’s Moluccas Juniper Jewel; 3, K Howarth’s Brookwater Athena. 138cm. 1, S Harworth’s Carrhouse Alfie Moon; 2, S Heslop’s Cheval Touch Of Class. 148cm. 1 & ch, W Thomas’ Scallywag; 2, J Marsden’s Carrhouse Almost Legal; 3, C Duke’s Greenbarrow Prince Of Thieves. home-prod (R Parker-Jones) y’ling. 1 & res, S Ashenden’s Wynnmere Lilliput. 2/3-y-o. 1, A Fradley’s Radlee Squirrel Nutkin; 2, C Duke’s Greenbarrow Prince Of Thieves; 3, K Howarth’s Brookwater Athena. 4-y-o & over. 1 & ch, W Hardy & J Grant’s Thimbleby Angelique; 2, S Heslop’s Royalview Casanova. Kilmannan Stud M&M ch. Stirlingdene; res, Murthwaite Windrush. sup Welsh. Llanarth Prince Of Wales; res, Paddock Rio. Derby House sup in-hand pony. Scallywag; res, Cheval Mister Bangles.

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