Make mucking out easier

  • Fieldguard’s range of rubber bedding and wall mats can save time mucking out and reduce bedding costs

    The benefits of rubber matting as an alternative to traditional bedding products are well documented.

    As well as reducing bedding costs, rubber matting provides a dust-free base, which is ideal for horses with respiratory disorders.

    Rubber matting also provides excellent thermal insulation properties and prevents capped and scraped hocks.

    Fieldguard’s range includes several types of bedding and under-bed mats.

    It includes

    • The M2 – a complete bed with instant drainage and is hygienic and odour-free.
    • The M3 Maxibed – tough, long lasting and thermally efficient.
    • The M4 Under Bed Mat – suitable for use with bedding and is ideal for yards that cannot use a fully draining rubber bed.
    • The M5 General Purpose Mats – designed for use in walkways, horseboxes, field shelters and muddy gateways.

    • The M6 Wall Mat – for use on the walls of a stable to provide warmth in winter and a cool stable in the summer and also offers an effective cushion against compressions.

    Other products include the M11 Ramp covering for horseboxes and trailers and the M12 Anti Casting Strip.

    Most of the mats are only available in black, but the M6 Wall Mat is available in white to help brighten gloomy or dark boxes.

    Varying in thickness, weight and size, the mats start from £342, excluding delivery and VAT for a 12 ft square stable.

    Next day delivery is available but standard orders are normally despatched within four working days.

    For more information contact Fieldguard (tel:01483 275 182) or visit: www.fieldguard.com or click here to send them an email info@fieldguard.com

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