Lumin8: the supplement everyone’s raving about

  • Carr’s would like to thank all its customers for their valuable feedback and continued support of Lumin8 — the totally natural conditioning supplement with eight beneficial properties which everyone is talking about!

    “I would like to recommend Lumin8 to people out there considering using it on sensitive horses. After a stifle injury last year, on recommendation from my vet, I started our hackney gelding on a joint supplement.

    Six months later and after trying four different supplements — all that made our boy so spooky he became very difficult to manage — my friend suggested we try Lumin8.

    After being sceptical at first I reluctantly decided to give it a go and I’m so glad I did. Charlie has returned, the demons that lurked around every corner have gone and he’s stopped jumping out of his skin in his stable every time someone made a sudden movement or sound.

    He’s started back into work and seems a lot less stiff, more mobile and much more chilled and relaxed… and his shine’s amazing! Thank you Lumin8, it’s not very often that I post reviews… but this was a must! It’s worth its weight in gold!” – Jayne Louise Spalding, South Yorkshire

    See more first-hand experiences at: www.facebook.com/Lumin8UK

    Discover what Lumin8 can really do:

    1. A show stopping coat
    2. Nourished skin
    3. Hair follicle strength
    4. Improved joint mobility
    5. Increased hoof strength
    6. A calming effect
    7. Optimised efficient digestion
    8. Reduced feed bills

    Explore Carr’s website to learn more about Lumin8 and right now enjoy 10% off EVERYTHING with voucher code: ‘WELCOME’ at www.naturalfeeds.co.uk

    From just £19.99/1Litre for an 8 weeks supply for horses and 12 weeks for ponies!

    To buy online or find a stockist near you visit: www.naturalfeeds.co.uk

    For further information call Carr’s order line on: 0845 230 9606

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