Lincolnshire Spring showing results, 16 May

  • WHP CS (Mr P Hilton).— 1 & res, C White’s Coombehill Othena; 2, A Fraser’s Nutflake; 3, K Johnston’s Rosedale Toppolino. mixed height novice.— 1, D Watchorn’s Good Friday; 2, B Walder’s Geordie Girl; 3, C Norton’s Buachaill Maith. do open.— 1, Good Friday; 2, L Boulton’s Pebbly Pipe Dream; 3, P Watson’s Barry H. RIHS WHP (Mrs Bushell, Mrs Pattinson) NS.— 1 & ch, A Holder’s Tyngundarn; 2, A Headley’s Dryll Sandpiper; 3, A Macdonald Buchanan’s Whitemere Christopher Robin. 133cm.— 1, A Holder’s Millcruft Scallywag; 2, S Cornforth’s Tadeganwil Magical Moments; 3, K Gibbard’s Purple Ronnie. 143cm.— 1, S Moult’s Special Agent; 2, L Bryson’s Pebbly Maid Of Honour; 3, Mrs McBain’s Castle French Starlet. 153cm.— 1, A Wybergh’s Newton Waller; 2, G Brobyn’s Pebbly Limited Edition; 3, B Brindley’s Fortune’s Calimere. int.— 1 & ch, L Greenwood’s Warren Dolly Mixture; 2 & res, Y Dixon’s Park Panache; 3, S Moult’s Cadee Z. working hunter (Mr N Oliver, Mr P Crafts) nov.— 1, H Boden’s Midwinter; 2, G Rose’s Out Of Order; 3, K Hirst’s Carry On Cavalier. do open.— 1, V Henson’s Ballydoogan; 2, H Boden’s The Rainbow Hunter; 3, Out Of Order. BSPS mx ht nov SP (Mr P Cooper).— 1, C Redgate’s Seamoor Catkin; 2, A Moynihan’s Ladylands Cover Girl. do SHP.— 1, K Johnstone’s Rosedale Toppolino. do nov int SRT.— 1, Mrs Williamson’s Valentino V; 2, V Smith’s Glenton’s Midnight Moon. LR.— 1 & ch, J Prendergast’s Chaseford Aloof; 2, V Sidaway’s Cosford Charming; 3, A Maltby’s Dinsdale Sweet Harmony. FR.— 1 & res, S Manners Hollybush Libretto; 2, L Rock’s Cosford Mellitza; 3, S Cornforth’s Diptford Secret Garden. mx ht open SP.— 1, S Hatton’s Chaseford Aspen; 2, M Calderbank’s Duntarvie Catnap; 3, N Grooby’s Gypsyville Toytown. do SHP.— 1, L Jackson’s Thimbleby Final Edition; 2, A Hunt’s Bentley’s Courvoisier Blue Royal; 3, E Walker-Kerr’s Rillaton Peter Pan. RIHS SP (Mrs J Griffin) 128cm.— 1, B Moore’s Chinnock Easter Magic; 2, Mr & Mrs Hounsom’s Coveham Admiration; 3, S Hatton’s Chaseford Aspen. 138cm.— 1, J Glover’s Westhill Blue Moon; 2, J Edwards Rotherwood Senorita; 3, Mrs Williamson’s Chycoose First Edition. 148cm.— 1, C Spencer’s Abbas Blue Rainbow; 2, J Harforth’s Stanley Grange Illusive; 3, B Moore’s Pessal Fanfare. int SRT small.— 1 & ch, W Edgar’s Wilderness Carmen; 2, K Bott’s Whalton Wolf Whistle; 3, P Underwood’s Courtland Be Fair. large.— 1, Mrs Williamson’s Valentino V; 2, F Twiston-Davies’ Maid In Manhatten; 3, C Ellis’ Evita VI. RIHS Anglo/part-bred Arab (Mr J Lloyd) sml.— 1 & res, Whalton Wolf Whistle; 2, T Ewen’s Pessall Hestia. lge.— 1 & ch, P Underwood’s Courtland Be Fair; 2, H Greehalgh’s Pickmere Top Of The Morning; 3, S Cowley’s Burfordly Valentino. hunter (Mrs Dymond) nov.— 1, L Wilkinson’s Gismo II; 2, A & C Drabble’s Middleman. RIHS (Mr B Smart, Mrs F Dymond) sml.— 1, M Pottle’s After Hours II; 2, J Knipe’s Exotic Dancer; 3, J Moyer’s Trefeinon Glen. lwt.— 1 & ch, P Underwood’s Tommy; 2, A Fradley’s Conspiracy Theory; 3, R Maxwell’s Maxine II. mwt.— 1 & res, P Rackham’s Buster Barney; 2, V Ramm’s The Star; 3, P Underwood’s Royal Hero. hwt.— 1, A & I Hall’s Major Moylaw; 2, Beaverfast Ltd’s Foxcourt All Talk; 3, D Godber’s Rockefeller. amateur (Mr B Smart) lwt.— 1 & ch, V Ramm’s Mr Doyle; 2, H Boden’s Midwinter; 3, G L Reed’s What A Day. hwt.— 1 & res, Rockefeller; 2, V Ramm’s Swaggerman; 3, H Pottle’s Daylight Robbery II. RIHS pony of SHT (Mr C Yates) LR.— 1 & ch, S Lobb & F Dymond’s Gryngallt Picture Puzzle; 2, P de Pree’s Charn Secret Legend; 3, S Lilley’s Maestir Leprechaun. FR.— 1 & res, S Flavell’s Hollybush Trump Card; 2, Mrs White’s Coombehill Othena. SHP 122cm.— 1 & res, L Burnip’s Wingland Make Believe; 2, G Kapadia’s Brynvane Kestral; 3, J Stacey’s Neuadd Parc Magician. 133cm.— 1, K Gibbard’s Cardells Maximillion; 2, S Dennison’s Duntarvie Queen Of The Cats; 3, Mrs Hurne’s Arrusfield Lord Of The Rings. 143cm.— 1 & ch, L Jackson’s Thimbleby Final Edition; 2, S Hume’s Chinook Lancia; 3, M Khan’s Bledridge Seabiscuit. 153cm.— 1, M Peill’s Helsington Taylor Made; 2, Cooper Corporation’s Glenmanus; 3, D Miller’s C B Esquire. int SHT.— 1 & res, T Bell-Heather’s Willbrook Hopeville; 2, Ellis’ Travelling Back In Time; 3, J Moyer’s Trefeinon Glen. cob (Mr P Crafts) nov.— 1, T Harris’ Cosgrave; T Booth & A Gardner’s Countryman III; 3, S Fletcher & C Saynor’s Gromit. maxi.— 1, Mrs Stacy’s Shiner; 2 V Prescott’s Mis Print; 3, S Lowe’s Queen Of Diamonds IV. lwt.— 1 & ch, P Mortimer’s Tommy Tucker VII; 2 & res, C Twiston-Davies’ Paddy Power II; 3, C Davis’ Ronnie Corbett. hwt.— 1, A Dervish’s Jimminey Cricket; 2, T Harris’ William Of Willoughby. riding horse (Mrs A Hanson, Mr N Oliver) nov.— 1, H Patterson’s Shybont Bean Dance; 2, F Ludlow’s Chuckles; 3, K Minchin’s Pretoria. RIHS sml.— 1 & ch, C Twiston-Davies’ Royal Mirage II; 2 & res, T Teasdale’s Military Crisis; 3, S Pickup’s Bowood Diamond. lge.— 1, P Underwood’s Loch Smith; 2, C Blaskey’s Blue Chip That’s Grand; 3, J Ellis’ Wizzy William. RIHS BSPA (Mr J Lloyd) 153cm.— 1 & res, Pessall Hestia; 2, D Warman’s Chilli (The Icon); 3, D van Praagh’s Hairspring Liagaid Gias. exc 153cm.— 1 & ch, M Findlay’s Perfectly Puzzled; 2, Shybont Bean Dance; 3, Boston White Socks. hack (Mrs A Hanson) nov.— 1, C Cooper’s Whalton Razzamatazz; 2, N Bradwell’s Bradway Spring Storm; 3, C Jones’ Hollies Golden Velvet. RIHS sml.— 1 & ch, J Cook’s Fleet Water Xecutive; 2 & res, K Dove’s Golden Gunner; 3, K Mitten’s Whalton Highflyer. lge.— 1, S Abdy’s Kavanagh’s Columbian Emerald; 2, P Mortimer’s Becconsall Pickpocket; 3, S Fenwick’s Baydale Venus.

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