Lightweight protection for knees

  • HHO goes hacking to test Woof Wear’s latest design of knee boots

    Woof Wear Professional Knee Boot

    Woof Wear’s Professional Knee boot is a lightweight, moulded foam boot with protective polypropylene shell. They are suitable for travelling and road work.

    Made from a shock absorbing foam with a protective polypropylene shell, they have strong webbing straps with secure clamp closure clips.

    Cost at around £38 per pair.

    Available in cob and full sizes in black only.

    For more information contact Woof Wear (tel: 01208 78100) or visit www.woofwear.co.uk

    Tester’s comments

    These knee boots are made from modern materials and look quite similar to pads worn by skateboarders.

    They are quite different to traditional leather knee boots and exceptionally lightweight. They were easy to fit, although the clamp closures could make it quite easy to over tighten the boots around the top of the knee.

    The boots remained firmly in place on several long rides that included some canter work. To clean, they simply need a rinse in warm water and dried almost immediately.

    They haven’t rubbed or left any marks but when they were first fitted, my horse Trooper kept trying to scratch his knees with his nose. The straps arealso very long, although the boots are fitted with an adjustable keeper in which to slot the straps, they often come loose.

    They are expensive compared to Neoprene boots, but cheaper than leather boots and much easier to keep clean so I would buy another pair.

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