Let Gelcels take the strain

  • Gelcels, from Natural Dynamics, is a re-usable, easy-to-apply cold compress that can be used to reduce the inflammation associated with certain equine and humaninjuries.

    The Gelcels polyesterfelt pad is activated by submerging it in water for two minutes, during which it absorbs up to 10 times its own weight and becomes cold to the touch.

    The flexible Gelcels pad is then applied to the painful area and fixed in position with velcro straps. The pads can be secured under a bandage for added security if required.

    Gelcels pads can be reused up to 500 times by resubmerging them in water. Alternatively they can be used warm straight from the microwave, or cold from the freezer.

    They are available individually, costing around £9, or in a twin pack, for around £15.

    Contact Natural Dynamics (tel: 07000 444 484)

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