Leicestershire County showing results


Welsh part-bred (Mrs N Clayton): 4 & over 1 & 2, J Hall’sCedar Farm Snowstorm & Hightopps Marcasite. y’stock 1 & ch, AFradley’s Kouros Sweet William; 2 & res, S Kersey’s Littlebriars ToldYou So; 3, A Mahan’s Brookwater Indego Bunting. sec C/Dstallion/gelding 1 & ch, J Stamp’s Pantlleinau Daniel; 2, E Collis’sDrogeca Welsh Magic; 3, J Anderson’s Menai Carnival. mare/filly 1& res, E Collis’s Aberhosan Harriet Express; 2, M Stanton’s CheblloeBethan; 3, D Timmons’s Oakbury Regal Princess. sec A stallion/col 1 & ch, J Stamp’s Belchford Merlin; 2, S Day’s Blethyn Rhudaur;3, Mr & Mr D Denney’s Monksfield Flint. mare/gelding 1,Thistledown Stud’s Waxwing Valencia; 2, S Walker & T Fisher’s Lacy Bett;3, T Topliss Forlan Honey Bun. y’ling 1 & res, P Ward-Burton’sLlanai Tuscannii; 2, T Topliss’s Ravenshead Sweet Sabrian; 3, S Kersey’sPenhwnllys Milkway. 2/3-y-o 1, K Goodhead’s Friars Super Model;2, H Vernon’s Blanche Maralyn; 3, S Goodwin’s Tame Valley Rowan. secB stallion/colt 1, ch & Welsh ch, S Kersey’s Stoak Tudor; 2,Thistledown Stud’s Paddock Samara. mare/gelding 1, E Meakin’sErnford Mystique; 2, SWalker & T Fisher’s Bannut Cantata; 3, DWebster’s Loveden Shantung. y’ling 1, P Taylor’s HolyoakAnastasia; 2, R Wright-Smith’s Millcroft Cappuchino; 3, S Kersey’s StoakTomboy. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, P Taylor’s Holyoak Kantara; 2, AAbrahall’s Skellorn Christopher Robin; 3, S Kersey’s stoak Tasmin.Shetland (P Tindale): stallion 1, B Joyner’s Birchmoor Mulberry;2, Mr & Mrs S Wainwright’s Silverbrook Valiant. y’ling 1, Mr &Mrs L Gregory’s Brewards Paladin; 2, E Thackray’s Else Of Willoughby; 3,S Pearson’s Kendal Nevis. mare/gelding 1 & res, Mr & Mrs LGregory’s Buckberry Easter Bunny; 2, Paterson family’s SouthfieldgateMiriam; 3, M Sturgess’s Weewaif Merry Mandy. 2/3-y-o 1, ch & resM&M ch, R Brighton’s Pyewipe Remagen; 2, Mr & Mrs S Wainright’sSilverbrook Bernice. M&M in-hand (Mrs K Swinnerton): lge 1, ch &sup M&M ch, Mr & Mrs M Crane’s Sleddale Jeffery; 2, D Alonby’s DuncrubGyp; 3, Newad Highlands’ Nashend Se Coral. Connemars/New Forest1, S King’s Patti Pinchbeck; 2, A Seward & D Wilde’s Carroe Pride; 3, MSturgess’s Ballynutty Owen. Exmoor/Dartmoor 1, R Wright’s WynhillBlackbird; 2, Mr & Mrs A Woodward’s Dunkery Nightingale; 3, M Jeffery’sTreworgan Implacable. do, y’stk 1 & res, Mr & Mrs R Hutchinson’sChagford Natasha; 2, Mr & Mrs A Woodward’s Dunkery Chiffchaff; 3, J & RGrant’s Mucklehill Anita. lge y’stk 1, Dr P Watt’s LinkilnRevenge; 2, P Vale’s Highcroft Challenger; 3, T Lambert’s RamnorLittleForester. Buckland-Large M&M ridden (Mrs J Etheridge): sml 1 &res, N Hynes’s Oldmere Holly; 2, L Pritchard & S Goulding’s Irie ReggaeSunsplash; 3, R Jarvis’s Pinina Sandpiper. Welsh C/D 1, AAbrahall’s Wyken Llwynella; 2, N Hall’s Cascob Crown Prince; 3, RJarvis’s Calerux Majestic Merlyn. lge 1 & ch, J Morgan’s VillageFavourite; 2, A Seward & D Wilde’s Carroroe Pride; 3, M Stanford’s NailOf Croila. Lobster Pot LR 1, P Francis’s Foxtrot Miranda; 2, BSmith’s Spring Lane Surprise; 3, Mr & Mrs D King’s Rose Oak Amber.FR 1, N Haynes’s Oldmere Holly; 2, C Welby’s Pentyrch Bubbles; 3,F Done’s Wortley Jack Flash. NPS SHP breeding (Mrs N Pease):y’lng 1 & res, C Constable’s Clareb First Edition; 2, R Batten’sBureside Rhosyn. 2/3-y-o 1, M Beeston’s Stychlands Right Royal;2, P Doughty’s Carwood Kookaburra; 3, J Andrew’s Overstone.mare/gelding 1, K Haley’s Moon Shadow; 2, G Johnson’s TrellechCountryman; 3, M Ludlow’s MynachApril Star. stallion 1 & ch, MBeeston’s Stychlands Noble Heir; 2, R Wright’s Cusp Jigsaw; 3, J Hall’sCedar Farm Snowstorm. Luffield Cars RP y’stk: y’lng 1, AChalcraft’s Sparnbrook Serenity; 2 S Kersey’s Littlebriars Told You So;3, C Starr’s Pearson Royal Velvet. 2/3-y-o 128cm 1 & ch, BSmith’s Fenwick Rose Of Trale; 2, J Roberts & J Taggart’s BrookwaterEvangelina. y’lng 1, Mrs Russell’s Kouros Ssteady Freddie; 2, CConstable’s Bracon Top Cat; 3, B Smith’s FenwickHeaven Sent. 2/3-y-o148cm 1, J Roberts & J Taggart’s Caraworth Pen Guigan. colt 1& res, A Fradley’s Kouros Sweet William; 2, B Smith’s Fenwick JazzDancer; 3, A Mhan’s Brookwater Indego Bunting. Elite RP breeding:y’lng 148cm 1, M Russell’s Kouros Steady Eddie; 2, Bracon Top Cat.2/3-y-o 1, ch & Spinningdale ch, Fenwick Rose Of Tralee.Langston & Caldene jnr side saddle equitation (Mrs J Stacy) 1, SMutch’s Jylans Dark Glen; 2, H Church’s Bankswood Paprika; 3, L Garner’sChester Blue. Tollemache show pony (Mrs D Hackett): FR 1 & res, KLee’s Elliotte Suprize; 2, P & S Gale’s Markoak Tia Maria; 3, A Seward &D Wilde’s Cornmill Minstrel. LR 1 & ch, R Denton’s Rhosyn Dandi;2, S Brook Shanahan’s Wyndyate Giovanni; 3, Mrs McGhee’s NorthfordLittle Gem. int SRT 1, Mr & Mrs D King’s Lydden Bewitched; 2, CBymolen’s Nuthurst Herald; 3, L Mallender’s Mrryment William.novice 1, C Welby’s Highmead Interest Free; 2, L Mallender’sMerryment William; 3, J Taylor’s Barway Love Bird. open SP: 148cm1, M Johnson’s Rosslayne High Society. 138cm 1 & ch, H Church’sBankswod Paprika; 2, T & K Pitcher’s Janinos Crown Jewel; 3, L Minchin’sAberbrynen Royal Christina. 128cm 1, K Lee’s Tara Surprise; 2, NHaynes’s Glenmoss Juliet; 3, C Murray’s Markoak Symphony. WHP (Mrs JGriffin): 153cm 1 & ch, G Rice’s Splash Of Colour; 2, S Walker’sThorpe Park; 3, J Henderson’s Master Tyringham. 143cm 1, FHolton’s Johns Choice; 2, S Botterill’s Lisgard Boy; 3, M Bissill’s FairPromise. 133cm 1 & res, B Crosbie-Starling’s Greenlinks LuckyRascal; 3, S Brooks’s Shanahan’s Parkhill Bobby Dazzler. nursery1 & res, A Bebbington’s Rushmoor Sunrise; 2, Parkhill Bobby Dazzler; 3,G Jones’s Aladdin. cradle 1 & ch, S Gaunt’s Corn Poppy; 2, JBridgewood’s Oldacres Merry Mishap; 3, D Watchorn’s Wilcrick Blackberry.SHP (D Lloyd-Thomas): 153cm 1 & res, M Ludlow’s Miss Munro; 2, DPainter’s Bassingfield Conundrum; 3, J Gunn’s Total Eclipse.143cm 1, P Cook’s Country Dancer; 2, L Johnson’s RamblingChristopher Robin; 3, Mrs Cubitt Smith’s Ashill William. 133cm 1& ch, N Haynes’s Mighty Fly; 2, P Cook’s Rotherwood Peterkin;3, CStarr’s Fenwick Coffee Johnny. 122cm 1 & res, H Church’s LechladeMaple; 2, G Stoddart’s Panycoed Robin; 3, S Arrowsmith’s EsudaieMasquerade. LR 1 & ch, S Gaunt’s Pentyrch Marcus; 2, Mrs McGhee’sNorthfoed Little Gem; 3, M Graham’s Two Step. family pony (Mrs JCrawford): 138cm 1 & res, M Bell’s Flying Fresian; 2, J Norton’sRupert. 153cm 1 & ch, A Seward & D Wilde’s Carraroe Pride; 2, SBotterill’s Coal Porter; 3, H Jones’s Bea. veteran: in-hand 1, VYates’s Indian Prince; 2, J Hall’s Cedarfarm Snowstorm; 3, Dr & Mrs GFurniss’s Slatebroook Little Beaufier. ridden 1, Lechlade Maple;2, L Graham’s Timber Merchant; 3, T Gribben’s Anything Goes. BSPAridden: over 153cm 1, J Stacy’s Mini Cooper; 2, D Ellerton’s Tom OHawk; 3, M Taylor’s Uncle Edward. 153cm 1, Lhillsden’s LittleApache; 2, S Lowe’s Hot Spot; 3, L Wells’s Sedum Sapphire. sporthorse (Mrs B Rich, P Arthurs): 4-y-o 1, K Walsh’s Matchplay; 2, AVos’s Mountain Spring; 3, S Bragg’s Cybrmaster. 5-y-o 1, SBowler’s Missing Out; 2, D Doyle’s Regal Storm; 3, S Bowler’s SpotLight. 6-y-o 1, E Nowill’s Linvin Gamester. private driving (AKing, N Turley): non-Hackney, under 138cm 1 & res, Mr & Mrs MEdmunds’s Synod Guard; 2, R Mills’s Oakvale Rowan; 3 M Musson’sWernderris Lydia. over 138cm 1 & ch, Dr B Lewis’s Twilight; 2, JDobson’s St Helens Monarch; 3, J King’s Tirclyn Daniel. open 1,Mrs Thomas’s Cledwyyn Commissioner; 2, C Benford’s Beeches Eris Boon.light trade 1, R Sherfield; 2, C Price; 3, G Marks. concoursd’elegance 1, Twilight; 2, Synod Guard; 3, Cledwynn Commissioner.Aggregate Industries heavy horse (H Callwood): gelding 1, Mr &Mrs Messrs’ West Winds Augustus; 2, F & D Green & A Bull’s ArclidAnnabelle. y’ling 1, Mr & Mrs C Webster’s Poultney Rhapsody; 3, C& D Green & A Bull’s Arclid Adonis. 2-y-o 1 & res, M Milne’s MossEdge Charlotte; 2, T Yates’s Cowerslane Just Right; 3, Mr & Mrs MMessrs’ Wet Winds Augustina. mare 1 & ch, T Yates’s SampfordMillicent; 2, J Godwin’s Silverhills Lady Jane. foal 1, T Yates’sCowerslane Valentino. hunter in-hand (Mrs Bashby-Jones): b’mare1, P Wyatt & P Darbyshire’s Miss Primrose; 2, P Wyatt & P Darbyshire’sPolish Lady. foal 1, Wyatt & Darbyshire’s Ducal Miss Petunia; 2,Wyatt & Darbyshire’s Ducal Anne Boleyn. y’ling 1, A Vos’sRivendell Springs; 2, T Bacon’s Primitive Foxtrot; 3, R Walker’sWoodclose Beauregard. 2-y-o 1 & res, L Bolton’s Not Enuff; 2, CBlaskey’s Kinkaid; 3, Mr & Mrs w Moran’s Mansfied Park. 3-y-o 1,ch & res hunter ch, Mr & Mrs W Moran’s Criminal Justice; 2, A Vos’sFishermans Croft; 3, T Southern & W Griveson’s Bright Animation.ridden hunter (Capt A Varley, Mrs L Sims): novice 1, K Bloom’sBlamire Manana; 2, G Harrison’s VSOP; 3, E Mahoney’s Lurgan Hill.l’wt 1, ch & sup hunter ch, J Warner & D Bartram’s Beamish; 2, KBloom’s Blamie Manana; 3, J Tasker’s Ledwyche Rymer. m’wt 1, EWright’s Lucys Boy; 2, K Rowe’s Priory Plume; 3, E Mahoney’s LurganHill. h’wt 1 & res, Mr & Mrs J Smith’s Spot On; 2, C Thornton’sIsaac; 3, W & E Gibson’s Shelford Rupert. amateur (Mrs R Bryer, Mrs SSherwin): l’wt 2, W & E Gibson’s South Pacific; 2, K Watson’s MartonElevator; 3, J Tasker’s Ledwyche Rymer. h’wt 1, W & E Gibson’sShelford Rupert; 2, I Susca’s Ballyhoo; 3, R Serrett’s Eddies Diamond.Pedigree Masterfoods small hunter 1, E Humpstone’s Seamus; 2, KBloom’s Lord Theodore; 3, T Southern & W Griveson’s Bright Abundance.ladies 1, Shelford Rupert; 2, A Fradley’s Sooty Sam; 3, J Cope’sRollot. Irish Draught (M Fitton, J Newbrough): performance 1,Beamish; 2, J East’s Compass Point; 3, L Morton’s Blarney Stone.ridden A 1, Beamish; 2, Blarney Stone; 3, Bright Abundance.B 1, Mr & Mrs R Rudd’s Ladys Castle; 2, D Collinson’s OakwoodBally Cvan; 3, P Burtenshaw’s Tsunami. y’stock 1, A Broughton’sClaybank Holiday; 2, G Smith’s Dowdstown Maddy; 3, K Oliver’s AshtonsDark Secret. y’stock IDSHR 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs W Moran’s OrchardsTwice As Nice; 2 & res, Mr & Mrs E Merrick’s Raunds Hollywood; 3, Mr &Mrs W Moran’s Lawdale Mayfair. Langston & Caldene adult side-saddleequitation (Mrs R Bryer) 1, E Rogers’s Blue Button; 2, C Dawson’sShadow Of Doubt; 3, A Fradley’s Sooty Sam. MFB Coatings ridden Arab(Mrs J Crawford): anglo/part-bred 1, L Minchin’s Eskside Sapphire;2, Mr & Mrs D King’s Lydden Bewitched; 3, H Church’s Bankswood Paprika.pure-bred 1, P Rushton’s Shariq; 2, A Boyle’s Ramilla; 3, JDavidson’s Samhire. Walkers Foods in-hand Arab (Mr F Hutchinson):y’stock 1, E Downes’s Va Mia Valentine; 2, R Priest’s Kazim IbnDjammal. mare 1, P Grant’s Rebekka Bey; 2, A Baxter’s Phaeddra.stallion/gelding 1, K Childs’s Samari; 2, J Davidson’s Samhire;3, P & E Kettles’s Veronese. Officepoint Ltd Appaloosa (Mrs JHarpham, Mrs E Robinson): in-hand y’stock 1 & ch, H Gough-Stinton’sPirate; 2 & res & 3, J Dobson’s Centaur Top Brass & Centaur GoldenDollar. part-bred 1, A Heath’s Tribal Chief; 2, N Bellenie’s WiseSpares Maybelline. ridden 1, N Morrice’s Joe Sorrento; 2, GWilliams’s Ravi De Burg; 3, J Dobson’s Centaur Free Spirit. sporthorse 1 & ch, J Dobson’s Risley Sand Piper; 2 & res, J Norton’sBlythwind Foxtrot; 3, Centaur Free Spirit. 3M Healthcare cob (DKellow, M Tory): novice 1, S Mackenzie’s Macmillan; 2, R Walker’sHarry Potter; 3, P Langrick’s Cock A Hoot. l’wt 1 & ch, RWalker’s Tom Firr; 2, Cock A Hoot; 3, L Stimpson’s Hotspur. h’wt1 & res, Macmillan; 2, S Norris’s Waterford; 3, JByford’s Spot On.working 1, K Culbert’s The Iron Lady; 2, G List’s Ragtime; 3, SNorris’s Irish Jig. Cherry Wilde RH (D Machin): novice 1, JEast’s Graylands Amethyst; 2, R Lee’s Classic Court; 3, D Christie’sWynnmere Shades Of Blue.sml 1 & ch, Broadstone Stud’s BroadstoneDee; 2, I Darcy’s Alpine Diplomat; 3, L Fonnereau’s Swift Curtis.lge 1, H Fordham’s Future Flight. Mr & Mrs L Wright hack (Mrs JJefferson): novice 1, R Walker’s Derwent Mr Worldly Wise; 2, Hon DCurzon’s Frith House Master Mat; 3, P Langrick’s WrenthorpeRemininiscence. sml 1 & res, Mr & Mrs K Gridley’s Fine Art OfLowmoor; 2, S Carey’s Thimbleby Special Edition. lge 1 & ch, RWalker’s Cool Customer. Squire de LisleWH (Miss M Gordon-Watson, MrsB Ashby Jones): open 1, A Vos’s Mountain Ember; 2, J Smith’s Made ToMeasure; 3, K Culbert’s Wizandora. novice 1, T Cartlidge’s HighTreason; 2, Tsumani; 3, D Bartram’s Kiwi.

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