Kilmaurs Show 17 April ’04

  • KILMAURS Kilmarnock, 17 April

    SP (D Blair) BSPS RIHS mixed height int SRT 1, I Glover’s Hollyland Pacific; 2, C Miller’s Champlers Rochester; 3, K Parkinson’s Mazarin Blue. 148cm 1 & ch, J Coltart’s Harlaw Simply The Best; 2, G Rooney’s Greenacres Festival. 138cm 1, L Govan’s Blackford Padrig Preserve; 2, A Robertson’s Anton Cool Cat; 3, M Nicoll’s Rosevale Sequel. 128cm 1 & res, M Nicoll’s Bracon Toytown; 2, M Crichton’s Deanhills Royal Symphony; 3, M Cousin’s Fenwick Fleur. BSPS Pretty Polly RIHS mixed height SP 1, Bracon Toytown; 2, Greenacres Festival; 3, Fenwick Fleur. LR 1, C Bankier’s Drumphin Tiddleywink; 2, K Weir’s Cosford Camomile. FR 1, no award; 2, M Cousin’s Warleigh Special Occasion. family pony 148cm 1, B White’s Red Star; 2, D Miller’s Champlers Rochester; 3, M Taylor’s Falfield Golden Honey. BSPS LR 1, C Bankier’s Drumphin Tiddleywink; 2, K Weir’s Cosford Camomile; 3, S O’Neill’s Pringles Toy Soldier. FR 1 & ch, J Cousens’ Caridines Greetings; 2 & res, J McCluskey’s Rosslayne Peter Pan; 3, F Wallace’s Spinningdale Royal Salute. 1/3-y-o (Mrs C Cousar) 148cm 1 & ch, S Harper’s Braeglen Piper; 2 & res, S Harper’s Antoinetts Tick Tock; 3, J & A Singleton’s Barleith Ocean Dreams. do exc 148cm 1, L Sheridan’s Allbrite; 2, A Zachoredis’s Cruisette; 3, L Miller’s Carrick. open RH 1, L King’s Paddy’s Gold; 2, R Haggarty’s Maraday Easter Morn; 3, L Miller’s Kazer. BSPS nov SHP (Miss P Aitken) mixed height 1, M Hamilton’s Tara O’Hara; 2, M Whiteford’s Aldwich Arabesque; 3, A Brewster’s Rosevale Seren Splendour. RIHS BSPS int SHT 158cm 1, H Johnstone’s Imperial Measure; 2, A Brewster’s Braeview Maximus. do int WH (T Best) 158cm 1 & ch, K Miller’s Hillside Honey; 2, K Conway’s Oh So Debonair; 3, A Brewster’s Clifton Clansman. WH (Mrs C Cousar) exc 153cm 1, K Weir’s Doctor Fox; 2, K Conway’s Whitton Abbey; 3, R Latchford’s Vorsprung Durch Technic. BSPS WHP (T Best) 153cm 1, A Donn’s Thorpe Park; 2, K Conway’s Oh So Debonair; 3, P Rivett’s Just Jeff. 143cm 1, E Brown’s Brush Strokes; 2, H Sloan’s Glad You’re Mine; 3, H Sloan’s Lakeside Piddler. 133cm 1 & res, M Nicoll’s Rosevale Silver Sonnet; 2, S Hoggans’ Brynoffa Zak; 3, L Brewster’s Stockham Golden Eye. BSPS NS 1 & ch, A Hammersley’s Walbro Champagne Cracker; 2, L Brewster’s Stockham Golden Eye; 3, S Hoggans’ Brynoffa Zak. CS 1 & res, J Cousens’ Lippens Mascot; 2, R Claydon’s Rhydyfelin Solren; 3, L Bryson’s Black Larsel. ridden M&M (Miss P Rennie) sml 1, S Hoggans’ Rotherwood Party Popper; 2, F Baker’s Zac; 3, E McCulloch’s Greenbarrow Grandee. lge 1, E Aitken & G Beattie’s Waxwing Raffia; 2, J Jarvis’s Parkville Twysog; 3, E Brown’s Wilchamon Rhiane. M&M FR 1 & ch, K Miller’s Wolverton Rita; 2, F Wallace’s Gryngalt Playboy; 3, R Claydon’s Rhydfelin Solven. LR 1 & res, B Bertram’s Phildon Bounce; 2, G Smith’s Hector of Transy; 3, M Glover’s Waxwing Pop-Along. RIHS BSPS (Miss P Aitken) LR of HT 1, J McCluskey’s Rosslayne Peter Pan; 2, S O’Neill’s Pringles Toy Soldier; 3, M Whiteford’s Blaenpentre April Dancer. SHT 153cm 1 & ch, A Brewster’s High Flyer; 2, E McNinch’s Bingham’s Royal Flush; 3, A Brewster’s Braeview Maximus. 143cm 1, N Orr’s Rangehill Musician. 133cm 1, M Nicoll’s Rosevale Seren Sensation; 2, L Forsyth’s Velvet Dream; 3, J Hamilton’s Antoinette Catamount. 122cm 1 & res, E McCulloch’s Rosedust Aristocrat; 2, M Nicoll’s Naderson Goodwill; 3, E Geddes’s Cosford Chime. BSPS RIHS Pretty Polly mixed height 153cm 1, A Brewster’s Braeview Maximus; 2, A Donn’s Merris Astro; 3, Thomson/Aspinall’s Chiddock Foxglove. do 133cm 1, M Nicoll’s Rosevale Seren Sensation; 2, A Dawson-Coates’ Moelview Alain Warin; 3, M Nicoll’s Naderson Goodwill.

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