Kerrygold Dublin showing results 7-11 August

  • KERRYGOLD DUBLIN Dublin, 7-11 August

    TB y’stk 1, A Murray’s; 2, S Murphy’s Bewley’s Gold; 3, J Cuddy’s Dainty Belle. stallion 1, D Scholts’ & J O’Toole’s Nero Astaire; 2, Ballinteggart Stud’s Present Arms; 3, J & W Collins & RGHB’s Moothyeb. stinted mare 1, Quinnsboro Stud’s Newbridge Silver; 2, J & R Andrews’ Pride Of Shannon; 3, H Kuehnle’s Merapi. colt foal 1, J & R Andrews’; 2, H Kuehnle’s. non-TB mare, h’wt 1, D Rothwell’s Greenhall Cailin Deas; 2, P Kinsella’s Diamond Queen Forever; 3, W McElhinney’s Kilshane Mansha. l’wt 1, TJM Equestrian’s Millenium Cruise; 2, J Tempany’s Danakill Maid; 3, Hurst Show Horses Golden Delight. colt foal 1, Hurst Show Horses Austintatious; 2, P Tiernan’s; 3, W McElhinney’s. filly foal 1, Hurst Show Horses Watch Me; 2, D Rothwell’s; 3, J Tempany’s Skreenmor Princess. stinted mare 1, Cloneyhea Equestrian Services’ Cloneyhea Sport; 2, K Ward Platt’s Rienroe Ashbrook; 3, J Lynch’s Rosewood Chiff Chaff. Isuzu Breeders’ ch 1, Hurst Show Horses’ Tattygar April Dawn & Austintatious; 2, Hurst Show Horses’ Golden Delight & Watch Me; 3, D Rothwell’s Cailin Deas & f foal. Irish Draught, mare, 4-y-o 1, H Murphy’s Lady In Red Star; 2, D Dullea’s Killountain Ruby; 3, E Corbett’s Lisiallen Countes. b’mare 1, S Finlay’s Nancy Steele; 2, J Cotter’s Enniskeane Flight; 3, H & K Kelly’s Derrynagara Clorin. colt foal 1, E Corbett’s Count Rebel; 2, M Neville’s Red Crest; 3, W Bourke’s. filly foal 1, D Cameron’s Ballywildrick Maharanee; 2, H Murphy’s; 3, J M Doherty’s Richmondlea Delia. foal 1, P McKinney’s; 2, J Cotter’s Enniskeane Flash; 3, M Hardy’s. stallion 1, T Carey’s Star Kingdom; 2, McLoughlin Bros Supreme Ginger; 3, N Niland’s Woodland Boy. Bewley’s Hotels hunters h’wt, 4-y-o 1, A McAteer’s Parkgate; 2, A McCusker’s Docmar; 3, D Gibson’s Supreme Court. 5-y-o 1, PM Creighton’s FreddieKrugger; 2, T Murphy’s Cousane Superstar; 3, G Kavanagh’s Laughton’s Lovely Lady. 6yr & up 1, L Parkhill’s Milov; 2, G Holstein’s Copperfield; 3, M Smith’s New Rath Clover. m’wt, do 1, FJ de Arana’s Elite; 2, A McCusker’s Beechcourt Gismo; 3, N Trevithick’s Without Question. 5-y-o 1, W McIlwaine’s Lord Of Dance; 2, H McCusker’s Rumours; 3, J Lewis’s Hemmingway. 4-y-o 1, Mr & Mrs E C Mahony’s Walk Of Life; 2, F Purcell’s Simon; 3, M Leonard’s Ringwood Clockwise.mare 1, D Allison’s Westinghouse; 2, J Gale’s Coppenrua Mayflower; 3, D Byrne’s Sea My Way. l’wt, 6yr & up 1, C McAlpine’s Castletown; 2, A McKee’s The Favour Royal; 3, C Flanagan’s Dunbann Garrand. 4-y-o 1, M Leonard’s Ringwood Deacon; 2, N J Moore’s Interest Free; 3, N Holloway’s Saville Row. 5-y-o 1, A O’Grady’s Octobers Gold Dust; 2, H Dunlop’s Magic Moments; 3, P Stammschroer’s Castle Jordan. mare, 4-y-o 1, A Byrne’s Recuerdame; 2, Quinsboro Stud’s Newbridge Silverware; 3, S Franke’s Red Handed. 5yr & up 1, S Clifford’s Step To The Music; 2, I P Kellett’s Shadow Light; 3, N Leonard’s Ms Moneypenny. 3-y-o loose performance jumping 1, D Hadden’s Phiscardo; 2, D Gibson’s Ever Green; 3, G Meaney’s Chancey Paddy. young horses, 3-y-o h’wt 1, D Gibson’s Craigarogan; 2, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Dramore; 3, M McGuckian’s Carrigallen Chantepie. do m’wt 1, TJM Equestrian’s Clonlara; 2, D Hadden’s Beckett; 3, M Brady &G Farrelly’s Leggykelly Legacy. do l’wt 1, J Donaghy’s Kilcotty Jim; 2, W Ryan’s Duky Robe; 3, S Lanigan-O’Keeffe’s Ahanure. do filly 1, D Hadden’s Lady Carel; 2, B Maguire’s Ballycanew Beauty; 3, S Monahan’s Brilliant Chat. 3-y-ol’wt filly 1, K Ward Platt’s Rienroe Ashbrook; 2, V O’Connor’s Ballinapark Ruby; 3, P Conn’s Miss Carjanju. 2-y-o m’wt 1, S Mateer’s Contractors Golden Hopes; 2, D Gibson’s Emerald Isle; 3, PJ Lehan’s Mr Z. do l’wt 1, D Wilson’s Whistley Dollar; 2, Cloneyhea Equestrian Services A Little Hope; 3, J Hayes’ Maulbrack. 2-y-o filly 1, T Casey’s Kildysart Cavalier; 2, D Gibson’s Up Town Girl; 3, Hurst Show Horses My Fair Lady. y’ling colt/geld 1, J Tempany’s Skreen Mor Forever Young; 2, T Gill Jnr’s; 3, T Gill’s. do filly 1, D Gibson’s Country Times; 2, PJ Meere’s Mundaring; 3, R Johnston’s Keep On Hunting. Westward Scania ladies’ hunters 1, J Lewis’s Hemmingway; 2, Lord Of Dance; 3, FJ de Arana’s Elite. l’wt 1, S Lanigan-O’Keeffe’s Happy Valley; 2, N Broderick’s Colman; 3, Step To The Music. riding horses, small 1, D Byrne’s Dreamaway; 2, P Mansergh-Wallace’s Ruby Cairo; 3, PF McLaren’s Val Valdi. large 1, P Guy’s Cornavarra Crescent Lad; 2, T & L O’Brien’s Knockanes Goldenbird; 3, K Marshall’s Prince Regent. small hunters, 4/5-y-o 1, SL Gault’s Monarch Of The Glen; 2, A McCusker’s Exclusive; 3, P & L Downes’ Teddy Star. 6yr & up 1, E Graafland’s Foxtrot; 2, J Tormey’s Mr Dallas; 3, N Connors’ Spex. side-saddle 1, J Ahern’s Carhue Dolly; 2, D Byrne’s Dreamaway; 3, P Mansergh-Wallace’s Ruby Cairo. cobs, l’wt 1, J Lewis’s Duchess; 2, A Flanagan’s The Scout; 3, L Curran’sWedgewood. h’wt 1, W Milliken’s Harpur; 2, R Morrow’s Alsorts; 3, J Lewis’s Athenry. working hunter, 4-y-o 1, A O’Grady’s Ballingowan Kash; 2, M Leonard’s Ringwood Deacon; 3, M Leonard’s Ringwood Clockwise. 5-8-y-o 1, IP Kellett’s Shadow Light; 2, S Clifford’s Step To The Music; 3, J Morton’s Blackbird. 5/8-y-o 1, W Lapsley’s Dream Boy; 2, H Lusk’s Timewatch; 3, A McCusker’s Beechcourt Gismo. riding ponies, novice 148cm 1 & 2, W Ferguson’s Cuan Sea Wind & Cuan Sea Storm; 3, M Flynn’s Trebartha Born Free. 138cm 1, A & C McNamee’s Strinesdale Goody 2 Shoes; 2, E Freeman’s Moelgarnedd Dymuniad; 3, S Booth’s Perfect Storm. 128cm 1, B Andrews’ Kilbride Sonatina; 2, P Farrelly-Howley’s Greenacres Newsreel; 3, A Grimes’ Springdale Swallow. open 148cm 1, K Reynolds’ Roodlebats Sinnatta; 2, M O’Connor & B Coleman’s Rustums Windy Night; 3, GF Torrens’ Acraglas Caravna Cavalier. 138cm 1, N Fitzgibbon’s Kenilwood Pushkin; 2, M Dempsey’s Ardcru Master Minstrel; 3, A Davies’ Strinesdale Musicmaker. 128cm 1, R Daly’s Dargale Pirouette; 2, S Moris’s Coolmore Slipper; 3, J Walsh’s Hilin Sky Rocket. WHP starter stakes 1, A Andrew’s Pillheath Strongbow; 2, J McNeice’s Tilston Jacana; 3, J Brindley-O’Brien’s Newstown Peppermint. 133cm 1, B Brindley’s Teddy’s Rocket; 2, P Mansergh-Wallace’s Barney the Lad; 3, GJ Freyne’s Dunroamin Lad. 143cm 1, M Flynn’s Gransha’s Gerry Mouse; 2, C Rawluk’s Snap Decision; 3, J Bright’s Annjo Ginger. 153cm 1, H Tuohy’s Cappamist; 2, TG McPolin’s Digger The Lad; 3, GJ Freyne’s Ballybawn Millar. SHP, starter stakes 1, J Brindley’s O’Brien’s Newstown Peppermint; 2, A Andrew’s Pillheath Strongbow; 3, R Henry’s Burlwood Stud Charlie Fox. 133cm 1, B Brindley’s Teddy’s Rocket; 2, M O’Sullivan’s Muskerry Crusader; 3, P Mansergh-Wallace’s Warleigh Classic Touch. 143cm 1, L Critchley’s Brookvale Prince Charming; 2, M Dempsey’s Celtic Legend; 3, M Moore’s Rhos Royal Velvet. 153cm sec A 1, B Shannon’s Prince Of Araglen; 2, A Naughton’s Blue And Gold. 153cm sec B 1, I Reynolds’ Rathbawn Alaska; 2, MJ Wilson’s Black Bush. leading rein 1, A Davies’Lechlade Mahonia; 2, S Collen’s Powder Puff; 3, J Brady’s Hendre Prince. first ridden 1, S Whittle’s Ridings Tiger Lily; 2, M Gilchrist’s Twylands Pearly King; 3, C Devlin’s Tythe Little Apple. equitation under 14yr 1, D Moore’s Rockmount Shadow; 2, G Daniels’ Callatra Pride; 3, GL Graham’s Lenamore Dipstick. do under 17yr 1, T Hyland’s Lishmar Lady Donna; 2, H Coyle’s Cool-E-O; 3, D Conneely’s Silver Rhapsody. Connemara ponies, stallions 1, E Burke’s Carra Cashel; 2, M Dean & H Wright’s Ard Archer; 3, JJ Bolton’s Ardgaineen Boy. y’ling filly 1, Eastlands Stud’s Eastlands Dunielle; 2, PJ Burke’s Creggrush Bonny; 3, M McCheane’s Tobar Pride. 2-y-o mare 1, C Curran’s Glencarrig Fiona; 2, J Grogan’s Lady Jennifer; 3, S McCourt’s Fairy Magic. 3-y-o mare 1, J Gorham’s Kingstown Starlet; 2, P Hynes’ Village Heather; 3, P & N Heanue’s Lough Fadda Milly. 4/5-y-o mare 1, M Igoe’s Smokie Gal; 2, S Lusby’s Lady Of The Erne; 3, Eastlands Stud’s Eastlands Burniebrae. mare 6-y-o & up 1, C Curran’s Glencroff Amy; 2, R Fallon’s Coosheen Pheasant; 3, B Maxwell-Murphy’s Lakeside Lady. Kitty O’Shea Connemara ridden ch, 4-6-y-o 1, E Murray’s Mr Something Special; 2, N Prendergast’s Woodend Village Boy; 3, M Belton’s Tell Me More. 7yr & up 1, M Foley’s Kilbride Mr Punch; 2, M Kelly’s Flash; 3, GJ Freyne’s Ballybawn Millar. jnr side-saddle, 153cm 1, M Dempsey’s Celtic Legend; 2, E Rothwell’s Mitchmore Fireism; 3, B Brindley’s Chantilly Phantom. 143cm 1, B Brindley’s Condene Morning Glory; 2, D Kidney’s Kilshane Bluebell; 3, C Rawluk’s Snap Decision.

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