Kent County showing result, 13-14 July 2012

  • Shire Stallion.-1,K&S Hasemore’s Wheathead Saint Chammond. Shire Gelding.-1, J & J Goodwin’s Woodstock Jim; 2, Farming World’s Farming World Trojan; 3, Plumpton College’s Deighton Magnum. Barren Mare.-1 & Ch, K & S Hasemore’s Snowhill Dancing Queen. Shire Y’ling.-Ms M Prior’s Hainton Sophie. Shire 2yo.-J & J Bower’s Shirland Peggy Rose; 2, K & S Hasemore’s Bog Bank Gemma. Shire 3yo.-J & J Bower’s Brickell Doreen; Ms M Prior’s Southwood Sylvester. Clydesdale.-Farming World’s Farming World Cupid. Ardennes.-1, H Giibbon’s White Ash Persephone. Turnouts Singles.-1, Farming World’s Farming World Cupid;2, J & J Goodwin’s Sidney. Farm Turnouts Pairs.-Farming Worlds’ Farming World Leeroy & Lincoln. Trade Pairs.-J & J Goodwins Oscar & Max. Best Shod Heavy Horse.-Ms M Prior’s Southwood Sylvester.-Farrier Steven Robinson. Hackney Horse in Harness.-1, E Ward’s Westborne Hi-Tech; 2, G Haffenden’s Ashaderg Supreme Demonstrator; 3, Peters Family’s Rocky Montana. Hackney Pony.-1 & Ch; J Wenham’s Foreward Braveheart; 2 & Res Ch; Peter’s Family’s Brookfields Mark of Success; 3, F Fitzpatrick’s Baldwins Shenandoah. Ridden Hunters, Nov.-S Fisher’s Double Take VIII; 2, K Jewell’s Annalise Grace; 3, S Dale’s Escado Bravo. HOYS L’wt.-1 & Ch; P Underwood’s Loch Royal; 2, C Bardo’s Time 2 Reflect; 3 L Freedman’s Mr Mick. HOYS M’wt.-1, J Jerram’s Woodfield Indo; 2, C Bardo’s Knightsbridge Court; 3, M Glascott & Stevens’ Dallaglio. HOYS H’wt.-1 & Res Ch; R Ramsay’s Cashel Rock 2, L Smith’s Lord Litchfield; 3, J Jerram’s Snow Patrol. HOYS Sml.-1, J Watts’ Moyglass Bally Dancer 2, A Lance’s Fred Robinson 3K Jewell’s Annalise Grace. Ladies Astride.-1, L Freedman’s Mr Mick; 2 C Langrish’s Blushing Boy; 3, S Kenny’s Middletown Gerry. HOYS Ladies.-1, C Bardo’s Champagnes Kir Royal; 2, M Glascott & A Stevens’ Dallaglio; 3, S Fishers Double Take VIII. HOYS WH.-1, L Bell’s Into the Blue 2, M Hirst’s Royale Impact 3, J Armstrong-Small’s Andoro. Large Hunter B’mare.-1 & Res Ch; A Wareham’s Who’s That Lady; 2 V Redbart’s Red Silhouette; 3, S Iliffe’s Nutwood Exhibitionist. Foal.-S Iliffe’s Nutwood Foal; 2, V Redbart’s Red Condors Shadow; 3, A Sturges’ Redpath Spirit. Small B’mare.-1 & Ch; V Scouller’s Bon Heur 2, P Adams’ Littledale Finalist. Foal.-P Adams’ Littledale Legacy. Y’ling.-1, G Drury’s Rosebrook; 2, L Kerr’s Auriane. 2yo-1, V Redbart’s Red Ramilly; 2, E Steptoe’s Cavalier Crystal; 3, D Sadler’s Mr Tom Dooley. 3yo.-1 & Ch; A Wareham’s It’s a Family Affair; 2 & Res Ch; M Hennessy’s Apollo’s Hotshot; 3, L Leeman’s Kellythorpe Don Diamonte. Sport Horse B’Mare.-1 & Ch; J Townshend’s Raritat; 2, D Collins’, Florestine S; 3, V Redbart’s Red Silhouette. Foal.-J Townsend’s Ex Raritat; 2, V Redbart’s Red Condors Shadow; 3, E Butler’s Royal Benedik. Y’ling.-E Edwards-Brady’s Runnon Ruby Tuesday; 2, J Baldwin-Murphy’s Teen Spirit; 3, L Kerr’s Xenaura. 2yo.-1, D Sadler’s Mr Tom Dooley; 2, V Redbart’s Red Ramilly; 3, E Steptoe’s Cavalier Crystal. 3yo.-1 & Res Ch; L Leeman’s Kellythorpe Don Diamonte; 2, M Hennessy’s Red Why Revel; 3, E Edwards-Brady’s Runnon Hurricane Gold. Ridden Hacks HOYS Sml.-1, J Harvey’s Lyncombe Legend; 2, K Dove’s Golden Gunner; 3, P Underwood’s Courtland Royal Fair. HOYS Lge.-1, P Underwood’s Wallaroo Bay; 2 J Harvey’s Mimento; 3, A Graham’s Paschal High Flyer. Hack B’Mare.-1 & Res Ch; W Thomas’s Bronze Star. Y’ling.-1, C Dilasser’s Sutton Grange Lady Eleanor; 2, M Lewin’s Temple Garden. 2 & 3yo.– 1 & Ch;-W Thomas’ Dandini; 2, S Mosse’s Montgomery Perry; 3, E Edwards-Brady’s Runnon Daisy May. Ridden Cobs, HOYS L’wt.-1 & Ch; R McCourt’s Cob-in-Hood; 2 & Res Ch; A Hance’s Im a Star; 3, Mannanan Stud’s Mannanan Cool Operator. HOYS H’Wt.-1, H Shippey’s General George; 2, H Harper’s Hercules IV; 3, J Tanner’s Shanbally Angel. HOYS Maxi.-1, V Sheehan’s Rock on Robbie; 2, H Harper’s Atlas; 3, R Bartolomy’s Clantara Shadow Play. Amtr.-1 R Bartolomy’s Benetton II; 2, H Harper’s Hercules IV; 3, K Gillam’s Hortons Maclaren. Riding Horses HOYS Lge.-1 & Ch; P Underwood’s Tattygare Watch This Space; 2, HM The Queen’s Petition; 3, C Brown’s Blackcurrant. HOYS Sml.-1 & Res Ch; C Heseltines’s Funtime Frankie; 2, HM The Queen’s Stardust; 3, W Gibson’s Tea Dance. CHAPS Native Ridden.-1 & Ch; Mrs C West’s Zenith II; 2, R Bartolomy’s Benetton II; 3, C Szostak’s Little Big Man IV. Non Native Ridden.-1, S Dale’s Apache Sky; 2, N Boorman’s Kavanagh’s Geisha Girl; 3, J Hull’s Raindance Warrior. 1, 2, 3yo.-1 & Ch; L Ibotson’s Heathersedge Eurodisnsey; 2, K Wilson’s Abbeywoods Aphrodite; 3, M Hennessy’s Young Guns. Open Native In Hand.-1, C Szostak’s Little Big Man IV; 2, C Szostak’s Gwyddelfyndd Elvis; 3, K Hodgson’s Who’s That. Open Non Native In Hand.-1 & Res Ch; S Bloomfield’s Corkhills Puzzle; 2, K Wilson’s Windy City E; 3, M Davis’s Rushton Bali Empress. Arab 2 & 3yo .-1 & Ch; M Burr’s Fanfaroon; E Shaw’s 2, Gaillimh Fuerty; 3 E White’s Buckleberry Habiba. Arab 4yo.-1 & Res Ch; T Lowles’ Miss Dynamite; 2, R Hayward’s Mifalia; 3, C Reid’s AA Bright Dream. Arab Ridden.-1, C Gibbons’ El Aziza; 2, R Dear’s Tycoon; 3, D Rodgers’ La Marquesa. Anglo/PBA Ridden.-L Hall’s High Treason; 2, A Graham’s Paschal High Flyer; 3, A Miller’s Pashal Willow. Anglo/PBA Y’rling.-1 & Res Ch; M Carswell, Marcosie Stardust; 2, P Steed’s Murraybrook Statesman; 3, T Sage’s Boorman Flight of Fancy. Anglo/PBA 2 or 3yo.-1, D Tyler-Davis’ Renelle Royal Angel; 2, P Steed’s Murraybrook Moriarty; 3, B Rennocks’ Rendene Regal Charm. Anglo/PBA 4yo.-1 & Ch; Grace & Taylor’s Renelles Forentine; 2, J Gallois’ NW Ganton Maccallum; 3, M Pook’s Perriland Politician. RoR Ridden T’Bred.-1, N Bowman’s Magnus Veritas; 2, Glascott & Stevens’ Hot Head; 3, A Drury’s Hero Worship. Miniature HOYS stallion.-1, M Barnard’s Scottcreek Monarch Chrome Plated; 2, G Wood’s Kwaimoon Johnny Be Good; 3, R Parsons’ Spotlight Bo Diddly. HOYS Mare & Gelding.-1 & Res Ch; M Barnard’s Scott Creek Monarch Hearts A Fyre; 2, M Barnard’s Scott Creek Monarch Velour; 3, B Moss’ Ujenik Bantans Little Princess. HOYS 1, 2 & 3yo.-1 & Ch; B Moss’ Scott Creek Monarch Man in Black; 2, O King-Cook’s Scott Creek Indiana; 3, B Moss’ Scott Creek Monarch Copper Penny. SP Nov 138cm.-1, J Harvey’s Rhos Exception; 2, Jago & Carvosso’s Westhill Eloise; 3, J Carmichael’s Fielden Cotton Tail. Nov SP 148cm.-1, G Holder’s Small-Land Mikado; 2, T Guyett’s Greenbarrow Bronze King; 3, S Veale’s Marshbrook Lady Arabella. HOYS SP 128cm.-1 & Res Ch; H Martin’s Roseberry Spiderman; 2, S Kivlochan’s Chinook Easter Magic; 3, C Lovell’s Barford Party Time. HOYS SP 138cm.-1, J Harvey’s Rhos Exception; 2, Jago & Carvosso’s Rotherwood Dancing Star; 3, G Holder’s Hurstpark Forest Prince Charming. HOYS SP 148cm.-1 & Ch; C Cutmore’s Roseview Limited Edition; 2, L Campion’s Silken Webb; 3, S Veale’s Marshbrook Lady Arabella. HOYS LR.-1, J Harvey’s Barkway Magic Moments; R; H Lee’s Amesbury Via Las Vegas. HOYS FR.-L Hillyard’s Barkaway Black Jack; 2, L Sanders’ Hightops Dancing Bee; 3, Mrs H A Martin’s Fofsway Flutter. HOYS SHP 122cm.-1, A Pallett’s Gryngaltt Primrose; 2, T Baldwin’s Millay Topic; 3, S Rogers Akadame Scimitar. HOYS SHP 133cm.-1, E Young’s Lambay Take a Chance; O Burchell Small’s Erimus Gamekeeper; 3, H Copping’s Stambrook Pivotal. HOYS SHP 143cm.-1, V Dutton’s Orley Wishful Joker; 2, T Guyett’s Stambrook Romany Fayre. HOYS SHP 153cm.-1, L Hillyard’s Vaguely Venture; 2, R A Bowlby’s Shroughaw Mairtin; 3, H Copping’s Close Call. HOYS LRPHT.-1, V Fahey’s Caridines Little Lord; 2, E Young’s Daukester Sidney; 3, J D Harvey’s Brookhall Wise King. HOYS WHP Int.-1,T Strapp’s Tequila Royale. HOYS WHP 133cm.-1 & Ch; L Burton-Taylor’s Frosthill Jackaroo; V Hogarth’s Tina Glitters; 3, F Turberville Smith’s Crabbswood Nutmeg. HOYS WHP 143cm.-1, S Macdonald Buchanan’s Crosshue Playboy; 2, J Somerset’s Sellernane Lad 3, M Savage’s Mundon Petanque. HOYS WHP 153cm.-1 & Res Ch; K Huyton’s The Earl of Derryfrench; 2, R Skinner’s Noble Cuzco; 3, C Bellamy’s Penskyber Poppys Charm. Show Pony B’mare.-1, M Coombes’ Bradmore Faberge; 2, A Bassett’s Whalton Doyenne; 3, D Webb’s Fiveacres Velvet Pussycat; Foal;-1, Mrs M Coombes’ Goresmead Anastasia; 2, A Bassett’s Ex Whalton Doyenne; 3, D Webb’s Everglades Super Star. Y’ling.-1, M Carswell’s Marcoise Stardust; 2, G Brereton’s Laybalands Dance in the Dark; 3, T Sage’s Boorman Flight of Fancy. 2 yo.-1, D Tyler Davis’ Renelles Royal Angel; 2, C McCormick’s Brook Vale Mister Tom; 3, M Coombes’ Goresmead Royal Engagement. 3 yo.-1, D Smith’s Romanno Spot the Talent; 2, B Rennocks’ Rendene Regal Charm; 3, Mrs S Mosse’s Moscombe Lord of the Dance. M&M In Hnd Sup Ch.-Ch; J Filmer’s Lemonshill Falcon; Res Ch; P Ward-Burton’s Walnut. Drtm.-S Edwards’ Shilstone Rocks Free Wind; 2, J Sheehy’s Whintor Fiery Brown; 3, S Rand’s Cosley Domino. Exmr.-1, P Ward-Burton’s Walnut; 2, R Turner’s Mill Orchards Madam; 3, J Russell’s Knightoncombe Kingfisher. Welsh A.-1 & Res Ch; M Kilbey’s Idyllic Fire Princess; 2, L Burt’s Wensley Mithril; 3, P Reynolds’ Dyfed Sequin. Foal.-1, L Burt’s Ex Wensley Mithril; 2, P Reynolds’ Littleoak Seren Mist. 4 & over.-1, S Ash’s Loxwell Pippa; 2, S Ash’s Sedgwick Peaslake; C Tibbey’s Lacy Brigadier. 2 & 3 yo.– 1 & Ch; C Abel, Manorlea Maisey May; 2, T Nicholls’ Windleshaw Saskia; 3, J Hayden’s Blisland Mistletoe. Y’ling.-1, S Barker’s Ledrith Dakota; 2, P Lorenzen’s Coringwould Wedded Bliss; 3, L Burt’s Staines Queen of the May. Welsh B B’mare.-1, J Greenleaf’s Brookhall Emma Lilley. Foal.-1, J Greenleaf’s Brookhall Lilley Rose. 4 & over.-1 & Ch; J Filmer’s Limonshill Falcon; 2, R Rodd’s Marons Pearly Necklace; 3, J Miles’ Brisbans Limoncello. 2 or 3yo.-1, L Wilson’s Paddock Rio; 2, S Anderson’s Thisledown Greta; 3, R Rodd’s Marons Marygold. Y’ling.-1 & Res Ch; S Anderson’s Thistledown Artic Monkey; 2, E Lynes’ Moelgarnedd Morgan; 3, J Greenleaf’s Brookhall Sky Dream. Welsh C Y’ling.-1 & Res Ch; C Meads’ Shankly Swagga; G Kent’s Rhesfair Mr Mischief; 3, R Napier-Clark’s Twyford Easter Monday. 2 & 3yo.-1, L Pemble’s Penthill-Ap-Masterpiece; 2, P Hussey’s D’Abernon Lilly Allen; 3, T Fuller’s Shankly King. Mare & Gelding 4 & over.-1, K Hawkins’ Griffos Tan Du; 2 D Hawkins’ Merwydd Rosina; 3, P James’ Pwllmelin Lili. Stallion 4 & over.-1 & Ch; G Deller’s Cilmaengwyn Welsh Jac; 2, J Arnold’s Little Beechen Gigalo. Welsh D Y’ling.-1 & Ch; R Matthews’ Matthroy Pollyanna; 2, J Lee & C Reed’s Llanarth Lynda; 3, A Lee’s Mattrell Harry. 2 & 3yo.-1 & Res Ch; P Ward-Burton’s Watling Lord Thomas; 2, C Wildish’s Offhams Lady Gwendoline; 3, C Roberts’ Danaway Henrietta. Mare or Gelding 4 & over.-1, S Wilson’s Talgoed Trysor; 2, J Knight’s Bertie Indepence Warrior; 3, K Robson’s Stationtown Holly Fox. Stallion 4 & over.-1, L Pemble’s Willowcourt Samuel. Connemara Y’ling.-1, S Burt’s Walstead King Bee; 2, L Marsh & J Murrell’s Minnismoor Belladona. 2 or 3yo.-1, T Deja’s Darraheen Berney; 2, S Burt’s Walstead Lady Daphne; 3, T Deja’s Menlo Lad. 4 and over.-1 & Ch; S Burt’s Walstead Precious Gem; 2 & Res Ch; A Humble’s Walstead Cartier; 3, J Somerset’s Tesremos Top Bear. Fell.-1, Bloomfield’s Ludworth Donna. Dales.-1, J Munday’s Muker Melody; 2, L Ahmet’s Aquilas Stud King Arthur. Highland.-1, J & G Russell’s Burnside Tamzin; 2, J Smith’s Ashleyvale Glen Avon; 3, K Spillett’s Gissings William Wallace. New Forest.-1, P Armitage’s Willoway Madeline; 2, Nineham & Young’s Brock Baccmat; 3, K Giles’ Palace Farmer. Shetland 3 & under.-1, A Page’s Buxted Discovery; 2, B Jacques’ Cean Charm; 3, E Howe’s Login Ginny. 4 & over.-1 & Ch; J Hawkins’ Kerloch Eliza; 2 & Res Ch; E Howes’s Cotmullion Hollyberry; 3, Fielden Stud’s Elson Toffee. M&MLR.-1, S Body’s Thorn Cliffe Wild Briony; 2, Fielden Stud’s Marsh Midas; 3, S Herring’s Tyrcoeds Over The Moon; .M&MFR.-1, C De Lucy’s Fairmarsh Mayhem; 2, V Eyres’ Butterby Nutmeg; 3, V Nunn’s Lacy Pela. Olympia M&M Ridden, Drtmr, Exm, Shet.-1, S Roberts’ Newoak Furious; 2, D Barr’s Sharptor Laser Red 3, J Hawkins’ Blackator Rhonda; . Welsh A & B.-1 & Res Ch; K Scott’s Bryndefaid St Andrew; 2, S Roberts’ Cottrell Leonardo; 3, D Pudge’s Bryndorian Tomos. Conn & Nw Frst.-1, S Roberts’ Banks Vanilla; 2, A Hawkins’ Marley Denes Shiraz; 3, J Bloor’s Knockanroe Champ. Dales, Fell, H’land.-1 & Ch; W Ireland’s Kilmannan Robert the Bruce; 2, L Ahmet’s Aquilas Stud Pendragon; 3, J Minns’ Castlehill Raven. Welsh C.-1, D Barr’s Sauvey Golden Condor; 2, C Chubb’s Popsters Debutante; 3, S Darlington’s Tynwyyd Good Friday. Welsh D.-1, C Murray’s Ffosslass the Fox; 2, C Watson’s Synod Rumpus; 3, Rayfield & Chappell’s Brynscion Bendigo. Area 25 M&M WHP 122cms.-1 & Res Ch; C Rolph’s Twyford Josh; 2, A Wheeler’s Wolverton Winnie The Pooh;3, J Hayden’s Blisland Purity. 138 cms.-1 & Ch; J Somerset’s Tyan Tullamore; 2, R Bradby’s Newcott Armani; 3 D Barr’s Synod Rodrigo. 148 cms.-1, J Somerset’s Golden Island Star; 2, C Rolph’s Carne Lass; 3, Purvis & Flello’s Ellanore Solar Eclipse. Cuddy Sup In Hand Chmps.-Ch; M Coombes’ Bradmore Faberge; Res Ch; A Wareham’s It’s A Family Affair; 1st Res; J Filmer’s Lemonshill Falcon. Osborne Refrigerators Scurry 122 cms.-1 & Res Ch; C Adams-Lane’s Balanced Rip & Tear; 2, Osborne Refrigerators’ Buzz & Woody; 3, Osborne Refrigerators’ Gavin & Stacey. 148 cms.-1 & Ch; C Adams-Lane’s Balanced Power & Performance; 2, C Orchard’s Carriaghouse Insurance Rough & Tumble; 3, S Ridley’s Comet & Cupid. Veteran Regional In Hand Pre-vet.-1, B Bayes’ Clifton Graffit; 2, N Atkins’ Cwmcarn Carreg; 3, S Knight’s Kragelunds Starlight. In Hand Vet.-1, G Bryan’s Alkaff; 2, R Harris’ Cracken Thorpe Daytona; 3, F Harding’s Blaengwen Gazzer. In Hand Vet Plus.-1, C Clarke’s Taxal Timelord. Ridden Pre-vet.-1, B Bayes’ Clifton Graffiti; 2, N Atkins’ Cwmcarn Carreg; 3, S Bradford’s Blue Heaven II. Ridden Vet.-1, D Riley’s Kelly J; 2, A Land’s Crusading; 3, G Bryan’s Alkaff. Ridden Vet Plus.-1, F Harding’s Declan; 2 S Wheeler’s Simply Simon IV; 3, E Larbey’s Stanley Grange Venus; Ch; B Bayes’ Clifton Graffiti; Res Ch; R Clarke’s Taxal Timelord.

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