Keeping boredom at bay

  • Occupy your horse while stabled this winter with a Decahedron from Elico Equestrian products

    Winter often means that your horse spends increased time in his stable, which can leave your horse bored and frustrated.

    Elico Equestrian has designed a toy that can be used together with small amounts of feed and will keep your horse entertained.

    The Decahedron is a 20 toy, made from ultra-tough military-grade materials, and it will not rot, crack or split.

    As the horse moves the Decahedron around, small amounts of feed are released from a small hole.

    Available in two sizes 8in or 10in.

    Cost from around £12For more information contact Elico Equestrian products (tel: 01924 454 681) or click her to visit their website at www.elico.co.uk

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