HOYS driving results

  • Osborne Refrigerators Double Harness Scurry Final 1, Touchwood And Whistle (S Mawer); 2, Peaches & Cream (I Matthews); 3, Freddie & Joey (K Scott); 4, Moonrise & Sunset (I Williams); 5, Lolly & Pop (D Matthews); 6, Cassie And Caesar (P Litchfield).

    The Harness Championships of the Year: Ponies 14.2hh and under 1, Murdoch Of Creag Dhubh (Mr & Mrs A Steven); 2, Galtres Raffles (R Mills); 3, Wharley Pageboy (Mrs N Blandin). Horses exc 14.2hh 1, Thankyou Ovation And Thankyou Oh Wow (Sealmaster Fire, Draught & Weather Seals); 2, Tenderfield Black Shadow (Mrs B Bass); 3, Regency Toyboy (C Wigmore); 4, Jetset High Flyer (Mr & Mrs Hannam).

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