Horse & Hound forum downtime: 19 June

  • The Horse & Hound forums are currently offline while we undertake some essential work to help resolve the issues many forum members have been experiencing with logging in and posting. We expect this downtime to last for a couple of hours.

    When we bring the forums back online, only the most basic vBulletin functionality will be available. You should be able to start threads, reply to threads, and send and receive private messages, but there will not be a mobile-friendly version and the ‘2013 style’ will not be available.

    Assuming that everything works as expected, we will then introduce the extra functions one-by-one, monitoring the performance as we go. We hope that by doing this we will be able to get the forum back to a state where you can all enjoy using it to the full once again.

    Please bear with us while we go through this process. And do help us by using the contact us form or the appropriate thread in the suggestions and feedback forum to report any problems that you are finding once we are back online.

    Thank you for your patience and assistance.

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