Horse & Hound Awards 2016: Topspec Vet of the Year

  • Topspec Vet of the Year Award
    2016 winner: Ken Anderson

    This award is to show the equestrian world’s appreciation for the singular difference this skilled professional has made to a horse or horses’ lives — in sport and/or leisure. Watch Ken collect his award below:


    Topspec Vet of the Year Award nominees

    Holly Davidson, 30

    Veterinary career: seven years

    Why did you want to become a vet? I’ve loved horses from a young age and always had a very scientific, enquiring mind, and this merged the two.

    2016 highlight? Seeing a young thoroughbred gelding recover from a life-threatening immune reaction.

    Moment that made you smile: Things getting lost in translation, such as a horse that looked “emancipated” (emaciated), and a call about “seducing a mare”(inducing labour!).

    Tips for budding vets? Spend time with horses — you’ll never be able to medicate a joint if you can’t pop a headcollar on.

    What the client says… “Holly saved my horse from dying of colic with her quick action, and went out of her way to make sure I was coping.” Zoe Reeves

    Katie Robinson, 40

    Veterinary career: 16 years

    Why did you want to become a vet? Seeing my friend’s mum, who was a vet, carrying a massive mobile phone on call and thinking, “how cool”!

    2016 highlight? Seeing a pony that had been crippled with laminitis come sound.

    moment that made you smile: Treating a mare with a retained placenta at a service station. I was crawling around the trailer with long gloves and lube, to the amusement of the lorry drivers.

    tips for budding vets? Social skills. Vets learn to drink tea and coffee at any temperature or colour, with and without sugar.

    What the client says… “Katie helped me through the loss of my 26-year-old gelding, Barty, ensuring I had the support to make the right decision.” Doris-Ann Williams

    Natalie McGoldrick, 33

    Veterinary career: eight years

    Why did you want to become a vet? I’ve always loved animals and enjoyed going to the vet with our dogs.

    2016 highlight? Performing a pedal bone scrape on an elderly dressage horse, in his stable at home (a procedure normally performed in hospital).

    moment that made you smile: I went to vaccinate a Welsh cob and he took one look at me and galloped off across his field, towing his owner, who was determined to hold on.

    Tips for budding vets? If you want to earn a lot and have plenty of free time, choose a different career.

    What the client says… “Natalie is a no-nonsense vet who strives to treat my horse in the best possible way while being mindful of the costs.” Alison Lovell

    Tim Adams, 35

    Veterinary career:  11 years

    Why did you want to become a vet? I loved science at school and I always wanted to work outdoors, and it’s a job that combines horses, science and outdoor time.

    2016 highlight? Running the Marrakech marathon and raising £800 for SPANA.

    moment that made you smile: I once misread the name of “Little Roo”, and asked the owner, “how’s Little Poo?” We agreed that it was a better name, as she could be quite a moody mare.

    tips for budding vets? Stay calm and don’t be afraid to ask advice from colleagues.

    What the client says… “Tim has a great bedside manner, is empathetic, and listens with kindness to neurotic owners while being authoritative but comforting.” Helen Reynolds

    Ken Anderson, 58

    Veterinary career: 36 years

    Why did you want to become a vet? My parents were doctors but I thought that animals were the more amenable patients.

    2016 highlight? Seeing a mare that had been badly treated give birth to a healthy foal.

    moment that made you smile: Receiving an urgent message at a horse trials on Grand National day to go to the secretary’s office, only to find that an elderly lady who drove the same car as me needed help to tune her radio in to listen to the National.

    TIPS for budding vetS? Enjoy yourself — you’ll meet some great people and animals.

    What the client says… “Ken goes out of his way for any animal and has real passion for his job. His kind heart and superb knowledge are the best in our county.” Kate Kite

    About our sponsor: TopSpec

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    “At TopSpec our only goal is to achieve excellence in every aspect of equine nutrition, from selection of the highest quality ingredients, creating innovative, outstanding formulae, manufacturing to the highest European standards and providing the most comprehensive nutritional advice to clients,” said Nicola Tyler.

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