Hoof care in a tub

  • Equimins Hoofmender contains all the ingredients for optimum hoof growth, plus a full money-back guarantee

    Some horses struggle to maintain normal hoof growth and suffer from weak and brittle hooves. Modern research has proved that zinc is important for strong keratin growth in the hoof.

    Hoofmender from Equimins contains all the ingredients needed to ensure healthy hoof growth. A form of zinc is bound to an amino acid which makes Hoofmender different to ordinary zinc compounds.

    Equimins are so confident that their product works that they are offering a full money-back guarantee if you do not see an improvement after a year.

    The product is available in either powder or pellet form in a 3kg tub.

    Cost at around £23.

    For more information contact Equimins (tel: 01548 531770) or visit www.equimins.com

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