Home-grown oats

  • Baileys is showing its support for British growers by sourcing the latest edition to its stable entirely in this country. Baileys Best British Oats are carefully selected, top-quality oats of varieties grown specifically for them. Having been cleaned, clipped and dust-extracted, they are lightly bruised and packaged in bright 20kg “Union Jack” bags.

    “The oats are bright and plump with a good bushel weight,” says Baileys MD and stud owner, Paul Venner. “The nutrient content is excellent and I am delighted to have found all this in British-grown oats rather than having to buy in from abroad.”

    Oats have long been a favourite feed for horses and continue to be the preferred source of carbohydrate energy for owners the world over.

    However, while oats are an excellent source of energy for horses in medium to hard work, they are deficient in some nutrients. Baileys Oat Balancer Mix has been specially formulated to complement oats.

    It is higher in protein with appropriate vitamin and mineral levels, as well as having a high oil content as a further, glycogen sparing, energy source.

    ” Lightly Bruised Best British Oats, Whole Oats and Crushed Oatsare available now.

    Cost at around £3.95

    For more information contact Baileys Horse Feeds (tel: 01371 850247) or visit www.baileyshorsefeeds.co.uk

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