Lucy Higginson says . . .

“For some time now, hunt followers have been asking themselves the following: if the worst happens and hunting is banned, am I going to become involved in civil disobedience by continuing hunting and taking other actions?

“Those whose answer “yes” are posed with another question: who is going to organise them in a way that makes an ass of the law, its makers and enforcers, without inconveniencing anyone else? It’s a question the Alliance has conspicuously failed to address.”

Stuart Hollings says . . .

“This year’s well-run Horse of the Year Show felt more like a major midsummer event rather than the final curtain of the showing season. The show ran three weeks earlier than normal and the warm weather was untypical.

“From next year HOYS will revert back to its usual October slot — up to and including 2006.Judges for next year’s show are to be chosen much earlier, and a five-year rule is being introduced to put an end to the return of judges who have officiated at HOYS in recent years.”

Graham Fletcher says . . .

“Well done to the organisers of Henley Show, whose big class was boosted to a £2,250 prize-fund, and watered their main ring for three weeks to create perfect going.

“In cases like this the BSJA should reconsider its policy of treating shows the same, regardless of how hard they try to improve. Surely Henley’s efforts deserve a letter of appreciation from our association? While I applaud the BSJA’s training initiatives, nothing improves standards like good competitions and prize-money.”

Marcus Armytage says . . .

“The message that Thoroughbreds are among the most adaptable breeds of horse and, with a bit of time, know-how and a few less oats, can convert to almost any job you want, is beginning to get through now.

“Having once ignored the problem as not its own, the BHB is now so keen to look after the welfare of retired racehorses that trainer’s wife and former amateur rider Di Arbuthnot, who runs Retraining of Racehorses, she is given a king’s ransom by the industry to tackle it.”

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