Herbs for health

  • Leading US herballist Ellen Collinson has developed a range of herbal supplements to help relieve a range of equine conditions

    Owners looking for a more natural solution to long or short term health problems may want to consider trying herbs from Horse Health.

    Herbalist and iridologist Ellen Collinson Dip.IR. MGNI has joined forces with Horse Health to distribute a new range of herbal remedies.

    Initially formulated to complement her iridology consultations, Ellen has developed seven supplements which are all aimed at different equine health problems.

    Iridology is the study of horse’s eyes which reflects the horse’s general health and well being. The Iridologist looks at the iris, which reveals the condition of every organ and part of the body.

    The herbs in the range are:

    • Anti-B – helps maintain the immune system.
    • Equiverm – helps the body to repel parasites.
    • Herbal Bute – free from Phenylbutazone helps to encourage the body to heal naturally.
    • Kidney Herbs – helps the body expel lactic acid.
    • Liver Herbs – rich in iron helpsmaintain normal liver function.
    • Relaxer – calms without causing drowsiness, suitable for competition use.
    • Respiratory Herbs – tones the lungs.

    Cost around £50 with the exception of Equiverm, which costs £26 for three servings.

    For more information contact Horse Health (tel: 01798 875337) or visit www.horsehealth.co.uk

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