Heat control compress

  • Gelcels is a flexible hot or cold compress, which can be used on a range of injuries

    Cryotherapy (heat therapy) has long been acknowledged as one of the best ways to encouragehealing. The application of hot and cold has been shown to reduce swelling and ease pain.

    Natural Dynamics has launched Gelcels, a flexible Polyester felt pad, which is activated by being submerged in water until it becomes cold to the touch. For more heat control, it can be placed in the freezer (and used as an ice compress) or placed in a microwave (hot compress.

    Easy to mould Gelcels, can be placed on the point of an injury and secured with the use of a bandage or specialVelcro strap.

    Gelcels can be reactivated up to 500 times, so provide an invaluable addition to any first aid kit.

    Available in either a single (around £9) or double pack (around £15).

    For more information contact Natural Dynamics Ltd. (tel: 07000 785020)

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